Starting Jodi

With this improved blog, comes categorization and today we introduce a new one: Starting Jodi. (see categories listed above image) NickerNews readers have come to know the horses in my life. The newest is Jodi. We acquired her in July from a kind Wisconsin owner. […]

Jodi makes progress, too

  It’s been a year since we acquired Jodi, the hefty, unstarted paint mare from Wisconsin. Steve Peters has taken his time with her and it looks like the calm, deliberate approach is paying off. We headed out to Pleasant Creek State Park for a […]

Jodi Makes Progress Thanks to Shea

Progress with the big girl took a big step forward today as we worked with her in the round pen. Steve worked with another horse first and Jodi stood outside, wanting in. A good sign! When she got her turn, Steve first worked on the […]

Back to School

Folks say you can work with a horse, then leave it be. For weeks. Months. Years, even. As long as you left it in a good place and on good terms, it’ll be pretty easy to pick up where you left off. Horsewoman Kyla Pollard […]

Looking forward and back

2013 was a heckuva year for NickerNews and BestHorsePractices. It started last winter with a bang. Two bangs, actually. The first came with NickerNews’ nomination for Best Blog in the Equestrian Social Media Awards. The ESMAs featured an international field with most bloggers commercially backed. […]