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Bestuvs Memories, 2012

Published: 12/3/2012
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NickerNews Readers write of favorite 2012 moments.

Thanks for all your great notes!

My favorite time with my girls is when I am out cleaning the stalls and pasture and Cherokee, my 19 year old quarter horse mare, is sniffing my pockets looking for treats.

I fell jumping in a trail obstacle competition last year (having never jumped before) so it was when I jumped 18-inch rails for the first time.

Three days out from major surgery I had to go see my horses! All three came in spooked so I gave them a few minutes eating hay to calm down. I went to my boy, Jester's stall, scratching him when one of the mares spooked. Jester began a spook, but froze before hitting me! He was off balance, stretched out and white eyed. He waited until I moved to finish.

Too many favorites - just riding through the forest on a clear sunny day.

So many-I am just thankful to God for His decision to create such a wonderful creature as the horse. There are 33 horses and ponies at the farm I help out and ride at. All are very special, they have helped me to grow and change for the better and are definitely a blessing in my life. I seek to be the very best I can be for them.

Watching a horse that we rescued with a severe injury run at a full gallop and take all four hooves off the ground spin and squeal! Yup. Guess she's fixed!

When my eight-year old daughter, Morgan, went on her first trail ride on her horse Freckles that we bought from Hemphills. He's only 10 and takes the best care of her. She calls him her turtle as he is so slow with her.

We were trail riding alone on an abandoned railroad bed. Came to a road crossing and as soon as we stepped out of the woods to the road, a HUGE moose was crossing the road just a short ways from us. My gelding snorted and did a big double-take but he didn't do anything stupid and we continued on with our ride without incident.

Driving our Clydesdales in Acadia's Carriages Roads.. Heaven!

Week-long trail riding vacation in September taken with my friend of 40 years. We camped at equestrian campgrounds with our horses and rode the trails at our leisure all week!

Riding on Popham beach with 10 other friends on a beautiful October day.

My horse was injured two years ago and the prognosis for her future was uncertain. Being able to ride her again at Acadia and Popham this summer was my hopes and wishes coming true.

After months of working with Elijah Moore and my "leave me alone" mare, I finally had a grooming session with her that she enjoyed. Right behind that, came some peacefuls moments alone in the barn without another horse.

This isn't just one moment, but on most days when I walk to the gate to take my horse out he always whinnies at me and either walks right over to me or gallops to me if he's far away. He's just like, "Hey, I missed you, even though I saw you yesterday." It makes my day that much more special every single time.

My daughter's gorgeous horse reaching down to nuzzle my daughter's pregnant belly.

Realizing that any clinician that doesn't put the horse first doesn't warrant my time.

Being an instructor I enjoy seeing the progress my students make.

Riding my horse to relax after a busy day.

When I was able to move my horses back down the street. They were 35 minutes away and I was only able to get to see them once a week or so. Someone approached me about leasing my stable,and now it is re-opened, my horses are within walking distance again, and I can see them everyday!

Taking my granddaughter for a ride on her first pony!

My horse will now walk, trot, back, whoa, right next to me with a voice command, no lead line or encouragement needed, other than the occasional treat reward!

Started a six-year old mule has been a handful but is coming around and feels really good under saddle. They do make you a better horseman. Hope to be hitting the trails ASAP and then working on Western Dressage with him all in good time and it will be a great time. When in doubt ride a mule.

Watching a skinny horse turn in to a beautiful, full-of-life animal

Equine Affaire, Massachusetts

My old mare produced a nice colt and I'm looking forward to starting & training him from a Natural Horsemanship approach.

Riding with Jennie Jackson

Just going out on the trail enjoying riding my favorite mare is a memorable moment for me. She is me rock and takes such good care of me. Riding along with me is my granddaughter and her pony mule. Life is good.

I adopted a horse from the Maine State Society for Protection of Animals. Her name is Orla. NickerNews did an article about Robyn Cuffey. She has done a super job training her. I have had Orla home with me now. Orla seems very happy here in her forever home now.

I have PTSD, my horse Speck, keeps me real...he reminds me everyday why I'm here.

Favorite moment this year was when I noticed sweat on my horse who has anhidrosis and does not sweat! A wonderful moment for me and my horse.

When my natural hoof care practitioner told me he wished his horses' hooves looked like mine.

Getting our second horse, a quarter horse draft cross.

2012 Olympics, watching Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz competing with Fuego

Riding in Marty Gardner of Flattop Horsemanship cattle handling clinic.....cow busting a move and my horse did too with the cow. And then crossing the water to move the cattle on a cattle drive.

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