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Bills get attention of horse owners

Published: 4/1/2011
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NickerNews has developed this page to make it easier for readers to consider certain bills before the Maine legislature.


Our response: Say it Ain't So!

When I was a kid, our dog was shot dead by a deer hunter.
The ONLY day I feel safe riding my horse or hiking with dogs during deer season is Sundays. And now they want to take this away?

Already it's like being at the All-You-Can-Eat buffet, but only getting soup and crackers. Now they want to take away the soup and crackers.


These bills are being presented to the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee at a public hearing April 11, 10am. Click here for Committee contacts.  

Click here for Sunday Hunting bill for Landowners

Click here for Sunday Hunting bill for Small Game and Birds

Click here for Sunday Hunting bill for Northern Maine

Click here for Sunday Hunting bill for certain Wildlife Management areas

For more information, please contact your representatives or visit the Maine Legislature site by clicking here.

The horse slaughter bill sponsored by the Maine Friends of Animals has been amended several times since its initial posting.

Click for original story and version

Click for the latest version.

Click for Bill Green's WCSH feature

In other Department of Agriculture developments, there is a rotational pasture bill that may whittle away at the ability to enforce animal sheltering laws. Stay tuned and stay informed!

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4/5/2011 Katie Lisnik
Thanks, Maddy, for spreading the word about the Sunday hunting bills. I hope many riders will show up at the hearing to voice their opposition to these bills. One day a week is not too much to ask for!
4/5/2011 Laura
OMG hunting on Sunday? When is the GD state going to smarten up? Isnt there a reason why there are doe permits and bucks only in areas. Thought the deer population was declining now they want to allow more hunting days. If I had my way I would stop all hunting for 2 years then shorten it to only 4 days a week and then and only then allow residents and property owners in Maine have their license. Tired of out of staters coming into Maine and taking our deer anyways.
4/5/2011 Deb
PLEASE, everyone look at these proposed bills and contact your represetatives, or any on the committee. They are all poorly written and would be difficult to enforce. The poor deer herd is failing already. PLUS they all would cut into our already limited riding time. While you are at it, you might request that they look into starting the deer season LATER since it's barely cold enough in November for the deer to be in the rut, the meat spoils hanging in the summer temps we seem to have during most of November. I have already sent my feelings on to my 2 reps and the chairperson. Speak & be heard!!!!
4/5/2011 Judi Medlin
Dear Senator Martin, I wish to register my strong opposition to opening up Sunday Hunting in Maine. Sunday is the only day that a Maine citizen can enjoy the pleasures of nature that we work so hard to preserve. Sunday is the only day a Maine citizen can walk their dog or ride their horse on the trails that we have paid through public funds to open and maintain. Sunday hunting is just another erosion into our values of tolerance and fairness to all citizens. Please take these Sunday Hunting bills under serious consideration to ensure that the government of Maine continues to provide the true Maine experience to all citizens. Thank you, Judi Medlin Surry
4/5/2011 Linda
No need for Sunday Hunting. What ever happened to 1 day of rest? I love to ride in the fall and relax. People like to hike, walk their dogs, etc..etc..etc. We need to all say NO!!!!
4/7/2011 Estelle
I emailed everyone on the lists when I first got the email about this. I was polite, gave good reasons why I thought it wasnt fair and only on of them bothered to reply...I have a bad feeling folks this is going to pass...the hunters are making much more noise the the people who dont want it...really come on everyone, make the meeting if you can and either way email and or call every one on the lists provided here unless you want to kiss your safe Sunday riding goobye. :(
4/7/2011 Estelle
I had posted the highlights and the list of who to contact a few days ago on Facebook, I just moved it up again...Thanks Katie for sending info!
4/12/2011 Vince
The Sunday hunting gig was DOA. I am glad you posted this on the Nickernews. As you probably "figgurd out with intuition", I hunt (really just walk in the woods with a rifle to enjoy our world..I have not shot a critter in 40 years), I rarely shoot on my range here at my humble farm...don't want to bother my neighbors, I do belong to a rod and gun club and shoot there mostly. I am a Maine native, all my life Sunday was a day off for everyone and everything. I find it very offensive that for a few extra bucks in the state coffers, the state was willing to spoil one more thing that we have left. As you mentioned, there is not very much left. I even called my state rep with my .02 cents. I have a feeling many natives also called for the same reason. So there!!!

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