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Ode to Redneck Riders

Published: 9/9/2014
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The Clothes Horses, sponsored by Adventurista Designs, is our new, regular feature with posts by fashion-conscious riders. Here, we discuss the decisions, merits, and enthusiasms behind riders’ wardrobe choices.

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The Clothes Horse, with contributions from Dr. Steve Peters has been like a sleek, fashion- conscious thoroughbred, streaking along a stylish track. This week, however, it comes to a sliding stop and jogs abruptly to the side with an Ode to the Redneck Rider.

The Redneck Rider is passionate about many things. Fashion and taste and allegiance to tradition just aren’t three of them.

Redneck Riders:

  • love their horses
  • love their dogs
  • love their fellow riders
  • love a good time

When it comes to gear and apparel, Redneck Riders care most about

  • Usefulness (Function over fashion, every time)
  • Comfort is King
  • Whatever might lend itself to a good time

On the surface, Redneck Riders might come off as offensive, but stop and visit. You’ll find hearts the size of melons and street smarts that serve them better than any clothing sense, etiquette course, or college degree.
Read about boots, bras, and balance.

To quote Gretchen Wilson, professed Redneck herself:

You might think I'm trashy, a little too hardcore
But in my neck of the woods I'm just the girl next door.

Here’s some “fashion statements” of our most exemplary Redneck Riders:

-- Ballcap
-- Ripped jeans
-- Tank tops when it’s hot
-- Shirts emblazoned with rhinestones, logos, and clichéd sayings
-- Saddle bags full of beer for themselves and water for their dogs
-- Halters under their bridles

And possibly:

-- Knotted reins
-- Ugly, tattered saddle blankets
-- Saddle, formerly owned by daddy and before that, grandpappy
-- Cupholder mounted from saddle horn

And, finally, a trail-worn slicker tied on with saddle strings - because it’s not about good weather, it’s about a good time!

Watch a Redneck Goodtime in Acadia National Park, click on image below:

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9/11/2014 Emily
No shame in my game! I'm a total redneck rider. I can actually only think of one pair of my riding jeans that AREN'T ripped! Hey, what can I say...I prefer them broken in!

"No one can teach riding so well as a horse" - CS Lewis