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EMRHA Cowboy Competition Course Description

Published: 7/6/2009
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By Maddy B. Gray

Here’s how the things proceeded at the EMRHA Cowboy Competition held at Gelinas Farm in Pembroke, New Hampshire. [To read a review and watch a video of the event, click here.]

Horse and rider worked through 14 obstacles spanning several acres of the farm.
Four judges were posted at the barn, paddock, pasture, and arena as competitor s raced through the obstacles.

Check out the Amateur or Green course description below.

There was, of course, an Open Division for better teams. That class was very similar but certain obstacles were more challenging. For example:
  • The bridge was intentionally tippy.
  • They got extra points for hobbling instead of ground-tying.
  • The roping was more demanding.
  • The log was bigger and heavier.

Amateur Course Description:

At the Barn:

1. Rider takes off bridle, controls horse and puts the bridle back on.
2. Rider picks up each hoof and remounts.

In the Paddock:

3. Horse and rider enter paddock and ropes dummy calf, drops rope and proceeds.
4. Team crosses bridge, then crosses a log and approaches a three-wire fence.
5. Rider dismounts. Ground-ties horse and attaches wire fencing to post.
6. Rider walks with horse to a large cube of stacked hay bales, climbs onto hay bales and mounts up.
7. Team approaches gate, opens gate, moves through gate, and closes gate.

Then horse and rider gallop to a lower pasture!

8. Rider grabs burlap bag from a stump surrounded by rocks and mud and proceeds to water.
9. Team moves through pond (still holding burlap bag)
10. Team returns bag to stump.

Then team gallops to arena!

11. Rides through arena entrance that’s draped with big blue sliced tarp.
12. Rider grabs length of rope with log, pulls log around arena, and returns rope to post.
13. Team exits under tarp.
14. Rider dismounts and loads horse into trailer.

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7/7/2009 Jody
My Husband and I attended this function for the first time as spectators. We met Maddy and were introduced to the site. It was a great time watching all participate! Maddy and Shea(I believe was her mares name) did a great job for the first time!! I own 2 quarter horses and have been riding for 38 years! Thanks Maddy for introducing me to the site! Jody in Hillsboro, N.H.

"No horseman or horsewoman has ever finished learning" - Mary Gordon-Watson