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Dreams are Worth Dreaming, part three

Published: 3/31/2010
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By Kim Stone

After spending a month in Texas, at Martin Black's Advanced Horsemanship School, I realized I'd only begun to scratch the surface. I was ready to learn more.
Arriving back in Maine things were a bit different then I remembered.
I was different.
I was ready to continue learning, to understand more of “how,” “why,” and “when.”
As I rode my colt, Shinan, in Harpswell, we were faced with new challenges: bicycles, cars, roads, and lots and lots of trees!
There was little room for me to just “go with her” when she needed to move her feet. Nonetheless, I got my confidence up enough to use her as a pony horse one evening. It went well. I began rotating three of my horses as lead pony going back and forth to the pasture. When Shinan’s turn came around again, I saddled her and went to reach for another horse, treating Shinan like this is something that we just do.
I never saw what was coming - the horse that I reached for backed into Shinan and began kicking with both hind feet. Shinan, doing the natural horse response, began kicking her back, from there she went to bucking, and from there I went to flying, somersaulting over her and landing on my back.
As I got to my feet wondering what had just taken place, I realized that I just needed to pick up right where we left off, before the bucking. I gathered Shinan up, climbed back into the saddle and headed for home. All went well, except my confidence was shaken. I had hoped that we had overcome the bucking stage, this day I learned we had not.

Memorial Day arrived. Indy and I have had the privilege of carrying one of the American flags during the parade in Harpswell for the last several years. Indy is my flashy ‘Cover Girl,’ and one of my favorite horses to ride.
After the parade was over we headed to our annual cookout at my folks place. While waiting for the burgers, I decided to check my email. What I was about to read would change my life forever. A note from Jennifer Black read: “How would you like to come out and work for us this summer at the Alvord?”
Had I read that correctly?!
Was she serious!?
How amazing would that be?
My heart was pounding so loud that I thought for sure everyone in the room could hear it and would be wondering what was going on. I kept the news to myself until I had a chance to discuss it with Doug, my husband. Then directly with Jennifer, how would this work? This is great! Wait….how would I get there? What about work? What about my horses? Overload!!! Breathe… breathe… breathe…

The next three days became nothing less than a tornado gathering possibilities that were becoming realities.
My biggest supporter: Doug, my husband. Encouraging me to search all avenues and exhaust all possibilities before saying “no,” I wouldn’t be able to accept this incredible opportunity.
Once again Maddy was on the road, running blood work to Augusta for me. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening; I was headed to Oregon with horses, my horses! There were so many loose ends that I needed to attend to: One horse was staying here in Maine, shoes for my horses, travel papers, gear… the list seemed overwhelming. Between Nora, Candy, Maddy, Terry, Rod and Catina all was taken care of, they were coming along with me in spirit. They wanted to be as much a part of it as if they were going themselves.

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4/5/2010 Kathy
This is just so AWESOME!!!!!!!!

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