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Fall Riding, one of life’s simple pleasures

Published: 9/21/2011
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By Maddy Butcher Gray

The first annual BESTUVS survey results were a pleasure to read, especially the answers to the final question:
What's your Favorite Whatever?

Many NickerNews readers wrote about autumn as their favorite time of year; many wrote of trail riding as their favorite horse activity.

Count me among them.

Bugs? A non-issue.
Weather? Perfect.
Horses? Spirited and fit.

I got to know my local woods a bit better with some bushwhacking. My late paint, Phoenix, seemed to revel in the prospect of finding new routes, plugging through swamps and pushing through brush towards clearer ground.

Nowadays, Shea is game. But then again, she’s so laid back I’m not sure she really discriminates between paths and non-paths. It's all good.
We managed another trip to Andover and did some long rides there, too.
On one ride, we rode for five miles or so, towards Devil’s Den from Deb Cayer’s place off Route 5. We crossed the Ellis River and its tributaries, loped through fields, took turns leading through long trotting spells in the woods.
After a few hours, when we reached a pretty, little meadow. Or I should say, yet another pretty, little meadow as they pop up all the time on these routes.
 We stopped. Off came the bridles and saddles. The girls munched contentedly while we kicked back and soaked up the fading sun.

I thought for sure they’d be dragging all the way home, but the break brought a new spring to their steps. Or maybe they were simply eager to get back.

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9/22/2011 Nora
Maddy, that sounded like a really nice ride. I've been wanting to get to Debs place for a couple of years now and still haven't made it :*( Guess it's time to plan a weekend up there :*)

"No horseman or horsewoman has ever finished learning" - Mary Gordon-Watson