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DIY Saddle Racks - Yay!

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Women and carpentry skills don’t usually go hand in hand.
But some of the handiest, toughest women I know are fellow horse owners. You have to be – otherwise you’d be paying someone else to do all that stuff for you.

Heck, I sold my round pen (with six-foot-high heavy gauge panels) to a woman from downeast Maine. She brought her flatbed trailer and we loaded them just the two of us. Twenty minutes and done. She cinched them down with ratchet straps and waved goodbye.

Did I mention she was five-months pregnant?

The other day, someone asked if went to the gym. Horse ladies don't necessarily need to go to the gym. Our weights are muck rakes. And hay bales. And saddles. And water buckets. And fence repairs.
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When it came to saddle racks, I figured that like any self-respecting horse gal, I could make them myself. I’d seen simple and simply-made ones in other barns and even found great Do It Yourself directions on line.
Twenty minutes and done.


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