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Horse Culture Examined, tongue in cheek!

Published: 11/25/2009
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By Maddy B. Gray

NickerNews is all about the spectrum of horse care, horse culture, and horsemanship. What's routine for the high performance eventer is unfathomable for the rough neck.
So here is a dynamic look at some things we may see in our own backyard but will just never happen in other parts.

Y'all don’t get your knickers in a twist or your nose out of joint!
It’s just for fun!
Feel free to add to the list.

At one end of the spectrum, we have "Charlotte."

At the other end is "Charlie."


Read on to see how they consider these horsey topics:


Supplements for hoof, supplement for coat, supplement for asthma (from being in a stall all the time), herbal supplements for temperament (he's stressed, of course)

What supplements?


Depends on the temperature. I have three blankets of varying thickness. Then I have rain sheets, coolers, and an Under Armour workout outfit.

What blanket?


My vet comes and worms my horses. He alternates with several different wormers, depending on the season.

I feed them cigarettes once in a while. Old trick I learned from an old circus hand.

Water supply

  Water buckets are emptied, scrubbed, and refilled daily. They like purple buckets. Purple is their favorite color.

The creek is out back.

Husband Horse

An easy-going, reliable mount for my husband (the one who would rather be golfing but humors me a few times each year)

The hard case mustang for my husband (who won the bronc championship a while back)

Pre-ride Routine

My valet grooms him with a special German-made therapeutic grooming kit. Wraps and boots are applied. Freshly-cleaned saddle pad and daily-cleaned tack is used.

Bring him in from the pasture, check his feet, and throw a saddle on him. What else would I do?

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11/25/2009 Kathy
My horse management falls somewhere in between. Leaning more towards Charlie. Yes, I use wormer but have the vet out to give it? Never. Yes, I scrub my water buckets out, but use whichever ones are not broken. Blankets, only when it's raining or if someone is under the weather or shivering. It takes all kinds, I guess.
11/25/2009 NancyLee
Lets not neglect the question of feed: "Carefully balanced pelletized combination of scientifically formulated carbohydrates, fats, protein and fiber" versus "whatever's coming up in the pasture, dude."
11/25/2009 George
Paddock mucked out and mowed monthly to discourage weeds. York raked in the spring to remove winter hay remains

"While there are many things you can fake in life, pretending that you know horses when you don't isn't one of them" - Cooky McClung