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Published: 1/9/2009
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New Year's Resolutions:
(emailed from iBarns around the globe)

I will not treat my stall like a litter box. I will pee and poop outside whenever possible.

I will not tip over the wheelbarrow while you are filling it with manure, even if I think it’s funny.

I won’t spook at nonexistent scary things, even though it gets a great reaction from you.

I won’t flip out when my pasture buddy goes off in a trailer, even when I know he’ll be back soon.

I will not nibble the farrier’s ears.

I will let the vet give me my shots without making like it freaks me out.

I will not tip over the big water bucket in the pasture just because I can.

I will not stomp on the salt block, breaking it into unlickable pieces.

I will not trot away when I see you come towards me with a halter. I want to play, really I do.

I will not pretend I have never seen a barrel pattern (jump, gate, etc.) in my life.

I will swallow wormer without objection and without getting any of it on myself or you.

I will get under you when you lose your seat, instead of seizing the opportunity to dump you in the dirt.

I will not blow up like a balloon when you cinch my girth.

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