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Pause for a Sec

Published: 11/3/2011
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By Maddy Butcher Gray

Maybe it’s the mud.

Or the frost on the windshield.

Something’s made me stop and contemplate the seasons, life with horses, and this network of horse lovers I find through NickerNews.

Some weeks, I struggle to put together words to express how horses can and do shape lives.

These photos help say it:

Sally Butcher took this photo at dawn of a donkey-populated farm near Moosehead Lake in Maine. I love seeing the fog lingering on the not-to-distant mountains. Looks like the big-eared and ever-vigilant donkeys are checking out deer or other creatures off camera.

My friend and I got in one last woods ride before deer season. We got a bit lost and did a bunch of meandering before picking up an old logging trail. Rather than fret over the pending sunset, I cherished the extra time in the saddle.
And we discovered an accidental treasure when reviewing the few quick snaps I took of the outing.
One was this blurry image of a wonder-where-the-heck-we-are? moment.

I love the way the leaves and trees seem to swirl around the horse and rider. It looks a bit like the pair are in an great autumnal wave.

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Barbara Stanley took this one last photo of her dear horse, Honey, before she 'moved onto greener pastures.'  The Stanleys rescued the beautiful mare three years ago and she lived an idyllic life full of treats, affection, and care.

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11/3/2011 valerie
This photo is gorgeous!

"Those who look down eventually get there" - Kip Rosenthal