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This research used a hands-on approach for assessing equine welfare for working equids in Mexico. Read more here.

Here are some human brain related talks and essays. When we know ourselves better, we can be more effective with horses. TED Talks and more. Check out:

        Robert Sapolsky on the uniqueness of humans.
        Robert Sapolsky on the Biology of our Best and Worst selves.
        Kathryn Schulz on Being Wrong (it's natural! It's good! It makes you better.)

        Also, Why Your Brain Has Trouble Bailing Out Of A Bad Plan.

        And for your daydreaming brain: Paul Kingsnorth: Imagine How Land Feels.

Art2Ride has a great video on Developing Your Horse's Back: the Biomechanics of Engagement. Check it out here.

Warwick Schiller has this fun, reflective video on Training like a 10-year old girl. Watch it here.

Watch this great video of this National Forest collaboration with the Jicarilla Mustang Heritage Alliance.
Watch here.

Watch another adoption-focused Jicarilla video here.

Whoa podcast reviews the BestHorsePractices Summit. Listen here.

An Eclectic Horseman feature: How Groundwork relates to Riding. Read it here.

Dr. David Ramey on red flags in the scientific world. Read more

Wild Horse Problems. Read this Science Friday interview with reporter David Philipps. Read more.

Watch Belgians helping shrimp harvesters on the beach. Click here

Moving horses with horses in the Harvey floods. Said cowboy Chance Ward, "The good thing is, they can't kick you..."
Watch him in water, with horses swimming.

70 Horses rescued from flood waters. Watch here

Whoa podcast interviews California sheriff who works with prisoners and BLM horses. Listen here.

A record number of horse fatalities at the Saratoga Springs, NY track.
Watch this news report

Check out this video of mules at work for the US Forest Service, helping to fight wild fires. Click here

Video of the Day. Cat herding as only a Super Bowl commercial can show. Click here

Read about the behind-the-scenes elements of the Cat Herding video. Click here

Carson Vaughan writes eloquently about the cowboy poetry experience. Check out his article in the New Yorker and on Read It Forward.

Redmond Equine produces this fun video. A tad obsessed with horses? You'll surely relate...Check it out here.

Polish woman from Maine heads to the Mongol Derby, an exclusive, 620-mile trek. Read more here.

Ride the Rolex. Check out this helmet camera video of the cross country course with Elisa Wallace and her horse. Watch it here.

Most of us have dogs, too. Check out this slideshow of dangerous and toxic food for dogs.

Carlisle Academy works with young Vinalhaven man recover from accident and brain injury. Read more

Dr. David Ramey on Drugs in the Horse World. Click here.

Have you seen the Uffington Horse?
The landscape artwork has been around for millennia. Check it out here.

Recycling on your farm and ranch. Check out these ideas from Stable Management and The Horse

Strange prehistoric mammals were cousins to today's horses. Learning more about what stumped Darwin. Click here.

What do bits (and more importantly, the hands connected to the reins connected to the bits) do to horses and their mouths? Watch this video!

Dr. Hilary Clayton outlines some effective equine research in this article. Read her reviews here.

Science magazine video on clues to genetics and domestication as indicated by ancient sacrifices of horses. Click here

Smithsonian Magazine article on early bookmobiles by women on horseback.  Click here.

Redmond Equine releases new Rein Water, thirst relief for horses. Check it out here. 

You NEED to watch this sweet, hilarious, six-minute documentary feature by the NY Times on the Shetland Grand National competition. Watch it here.

Author Jon Katz of Bedlam Farm on the need to reform and rethink animal welfare in the U.S. A thorough op-ed and a story of Arthur, an ill-fated draft horse. Click here.

An excellent photo and writing essay on the soothing nature of horse time. Check it out in the New York Times Magazine.

The Western Folklife Center, which runs the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering each year, has a new director: the talented Kristin Windbigler. Read more here.

Earth-friendly stable practices. Check out these excellent ideas and tips.

Vice reporter Carson Vaughan visits two cowboy poetry gatherings and comes away with some excellent observations and interviews. Click here.

We're digging the work of photographer and horseman Claude Steelman. Check out an article on the man here and his photo galleries here.

Mules and their riders help with a project of the Spring Creek Basin herd management area. Check it out here.

A fun interview with one of our favorites, Robert Duvall, in the magazine, American Cowboy. Read more.

Most of us horse owners are dog lovers, too. Between the announcer and the dog, this video is so much fun. Check out Olly the Jack Russell at Crufts Dog Show in England.

This young pair engaged to be married along with one other rancher died trying to save cattle from a Texas wildfire. Read more.

Dr. Temple Grandin helped establish an equine center at Colorado State University. Learn more by checking out this video.

This research paper describes how children improve some cognitive and behavioral abilities through horse riding. Click here.

Australians have been known to kill feral horses (brumbies) by helicopter. This research paper discusses the possibility of non surgical sterilization methods. Click here.

This woman starts a wild horse with no equipment, zero, nada. Her film trailer is here.

The UnWanted Horse Coalition provides assistance for gelding procedures and helps rehome unwanted horses. To date, they have assisted in gelding nearly 1,600 stallions. Click here to read more.

On the Pasture
writes about programs that help farmers and ranchers with funding here. Check it out.

As usual, humans are to blame for the terrible accident at Silverton's Ski Joring event. 1. Inept drone operator. 2. Rider and horse owner will-prepared for the nutty conditions that invariably freak out horses.
Read more.

Follow up on ski joring incident. Read more.

You cannot do this on an ATV. Yet another reason why ranchers and farmers need to know how to ride and need to have horses. Check out this image of flooded dairy farmers in California. Click here.

Ben Masters has a 3-part National Geographic feature on Wild Horses. Check out Part III with an outstanding video, featuring TJ Holmes. Click here.

Masters replies to incorrect accusations of neglect. Click here.

Renowned artist and horse lover Dahlov Ipcar died this week. Read her obituary here.
Check out our features and slide show on her here.

Guest columnist Katrin Silva writes about her first time burro racing. Check it out.

The WHOA podcast talks to Bill Cameron, extreme cowboy competitor and course designer. Listen here.

Our partner and Queen of Slow Feeders, Monique Warren gives us 6 Great Reasons to always feed from the ground. Learn more.

Equines' kissing cousins are camelids, the mammal family that includes camels, alpacas, and llamas. Check out this camel doing dressage.

Check out the most recent column on Running with Sherman, a NY Times feature on a man and his donkey. In this installment, he visits with Hal Walter, a pack burro racer. Read more and watch video here

Check out Hal Walter's Hard Scrabble Times. Read more.

Pulizter Prize winning poet Henry Taylor gets people and equines right. Read these two lovely poems (scroll down the linked page for "A Little Respect") and see if you agree. Read here.

The NY Times has a nifty new feature on a man and his rescued donkey. Check out Running with Sherman.

Donkey Dressage! Watch it here.

Cutting mule, Miss Lucy, wins 2nd at Texas event. Watch her here.
Read article.

Ted Talk on concussion and helmet use (or lack thereof). Click here.

Dr. Charmian Wright, a Utah veterinarian, is helping the animals, especially horses, at the Standing Rock protest in North Dakota. She's asking for help for medical supply purchases. Check out her fund raising page here.

This article on Low Stress Livestock handling is good information for anyone considering the prey-predator relationship we have with livestock, including horses. Read more.

Where Donkeys GET respect. A report from the Donkey Symposium. Read more

Fake laughing has a lot to do with horsemanship. Think about it and read this article. Read more.

So far, the UnWanted Horse Coalition has facilitated the geldings of 1,400 stallions. Check out their current newsletter here.

Lily Brook Farm needs your help. Therapy horse, Casey, needed an emergency vet call after a stall accident. The Maine farm, run by Nina Fuller, helps scores of folks with equine assisted therapy. Photo at right: Casey is stitched up. Check out the farm's donation page.

Some fun and helpful comments by Harry Whitney and Bryan Neubert on finding a trail-savvy horse. Read more here.

Montana rancher adopt a new attitude when it comes to wolves and cattle. Read more.

A reining gal and her horse learn from moving cows. Read more in Western Horseman.

Horseman Joel Nelson recites his poem, Equus Caballus. Watch and listen to it.

Michelle Melarango, owner of Compassionate Composting, will speak at this year's American Association of Equine Practitioners in Orlando, Florida. Congrats, Michelle! Her talk is " Dignity after Death: Composting as an Environmentally Responsible, Economically Viable Equine Carcass Disposal Method." She presents on December 9. Check out the program here.

We're Rick Gore fans. Here, he discusses bosals, bridles, bits and more. Check it out.

Trouble backing your trailer? Some comic relief, courtesy of VW and horses. Watch here.

Grab your Kleenex. This Dutch video needs no translation. Watch it here.

Our guest columnist Marsha Craig and her mini, Lily, help patients at Tufts. Watch video.

Nancy Lowery gives a TED talk in Alberta. Watch it here.

Check out Anna Blake's blog and site, Relaxed and Forward. Click here

Horses and Heroes takes US war veterans horseback into the wilderness. Read more.

This is Your Brain on Nature. A super cool series with David Gessner. Read and Watch.

Warwick Schiller is a man on a mission. Check out this blog post from Kimes Ranch Jeans.

Groups sue to observe invasive sterilization procedure on wild horse mares. Click here

Black rodeo gaining new fans. Click here.

Sable Island horses thriving. These researchers think they know why. Click here. 

The New Yorker magazine highlights dressage and its current wunderkind Charlotte Dujardin. Click here.

Doing great things for wild horses. Check out this public/private collaborative effort for the Spring Creek Basin Mustangs. Click here.

Maine's Carlisle Academy hosts para youth camp. Check out this WCSH report.

Ray Hunt article in a Buddhist publication?? Yes. Click here.

Ginger Kathrens to testify before House. Click here.
Two op-ed's on the BLM's decision to table PZP (fertility control via darting) use:

-- Read op-ed in the Reno Gazette-Journal

-- Read op-ed in the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.

Last native Hawaiian donkeys prepared for auction on the Big Island. Read more.

The French team has developed a 'smart' girth and accompanying phone application. Monitor your horse's heart rate and recovery. Read more.

The Jicarilla Mustang Heritage Alliance. This northern New Mexico mustang rescue does much more than adopt out mustangs. Great information and educational posts! Read more

Young Montana woman and her blind horse to compete in summer rodeo series. Read more.

Video essay on the Concrete Cowboys of Philadelphia. Watch it

Photographer Mary Williams Hyde's outstanding image of a cow hurdling a rodeo panel to flee horse and rider speaks volumes about pressure. Check it out here.

Wicked cool 3D-ish video of cantering horse, morphing from just its skeleton to bones and muscle, to entire horse. (in Portuguese) Watch it here.

Click here to read more about Cushings Disease, an excellent read by our partners at South Shore Equine.

Colorado town will use adopted mustangs to help patrol the streets. Read more.

A World War II vet recounts one of the last American military's horse and mule brigades. Read more.

This Vermont community has its trash collected by horsepower service. Click here.

A nasty photo indictment of cruelty in the dressage world. Click here

Michigan man uses horse power for logging. Check it out here.

This incredible movie project, by Yann Arthus-Betrand, includes a magnificent sequence film in Mongolia. Check it out at 1 minute, 45 seconds of this trailer. A must see.

Did you know? The endangered Przewalski's horses are among the species flourishing around Chernobyl. Check out this report and photos.

German researchers discovered a 48 million year-old fossil of pregnant mare. Read more.

This research noted that in domestic horses, rank in the herd was associated with body condition. The higher the horse’s rank, the higher its body condition. Read more.

David Letterman does a great job interviewing Buck Brannaman. Check it out.

Did you know Robert Duvall spent time on a northern Montana family ranch as a kid?
A great interview by Tavis Smiley.

Check out this great story about a horse who's helping increase literacy in Indonesia. Read it here.

And for your silly side: a boy and a girl use unconventional methods to mount their ponies, facebook videos. Check out the boy here and the girl here.

Why I'm never buying my daughter a pony. Excellent piece to read here.

A nice Portland Press report by Doug Harlow on Postcard Jack and his new life with Debbie Hight and Rob Rowbottom. Click here

Madison Shambaugh accomplished the amazing in this year's Extreme Mustang Makeover in Virginia. Check out the video here.

Think neglect and starvation are worse than obesity? Check out this excellent Tale of Two Donkeys.

Robert Redford decries the current state of mustangs and the livestock industry on western lands in this USA Today editorial.

The horse-human connection gets some attention in this New York Times editorial. Read it here.

Utah prison will close down mustang program. 1,100 horses must be moved. Read more.

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Budweiser Clydesdales and their hands get in a wreck in Abilene, TX. Watch video

Shadowfax, the hero horse of Lord of the Rings, dies. Read more

Feds and locals clash over mustangs in Utah. Read more here and here

Backyard Rodeo in Iowa -- story and video by the NY Times

Hollywood horses, when mechanical horses are safer and sounder -- story and video by the LA Times

Giving our veterans wellness and horsemanship skills at Horses for Heroes.

Hey all you Homeschoolers! Check out cool horse image and other creative and free downloads here.

A California man travels with mules, quietly lobbying for public space.

Irishman Conor Murphy was mucking stalls when he placed a wise bet and won a fortune. Now he's training Kentucky thoroughbreds. NY Times feature.

Not forcing the outcome. Sage advice from Joe Wolter.

Compelling NY Times piece on the Horses of the Civil War.

New federal requirements for interstate travel. Read more about it.

Help for some of the 6 million donkeys in Ethiopia at the Donkey Sanctuary, NPR story.

Hay shortages, especially in drought-riddled areas, have resulted in in uptick in thefts. Read about Hay Rustlers here.
The NY Times gives us a nice slideshow from Warhorse backstage at the Vivian Beaumont Theater as the show wraps up its 718-show run.

A nifty Desktop Diary profile of Temple Grandin by the folks at Science Friday.

The latest in the mess that is Salazar, Davis, and coverage of mustangs-to-slaughter. A fair and well-researched article by Food Safety News.

National Geographic feature on annual Mexican Cowboy Pilgrimage.

Death and Disarray. NY Times on the deep and devastating problems in US thoroughbred racing

Fox Sports: Changes at Grand National after more horse deaths

Stacy Westfall describes the finer points of BUCKSKIN versus DUN coloration. Click here

Magnificent photos of horses swimming off the coast of Malta. Click here

Promising rodeo star, Broc Cresta, dies in Cheyenne, WY

NY Times follows the testimony on TB doping and horse racing run amok

NPR story on Burro Racing in Colorado, with video

New York Senator sponsors No Cost Horse Vaccine clinics

She ain't got time to ride: Texas Rancher takes on Trans Canada pipeline

Reporter Laura Leigh wins appeals case against BLM. New life for transparency!

Great Wall Street Journal article on Graham Motion, racehorse trainer.

NPR story on Pet Therapy (including equine assisted therapy and therapy riding)

Dr. Ronald Emond of Candlewood Equine explains why traditional worming can be wrong for your horse

"Smoke," Iraqi donkey-turned-Marine mascot makes its way to US

Girl teaches cow to jump (Associated Press story/video)

Times Record reports on NickerNews!

Cowgirls Never Die, short and loving documentary.

New York registers animal-cruelty convicts, just like we register sex offenders. CLICK HERE.

New York Times article on drugs and ineffective sanctions in horse racing. CLICK HERE

Stacy Westfall's award-winning 2006 bareback & bridleless performance. CLICK HERE.

New York Times article on the deep pockets and sophisticated strategies in endurance riding at the World Equestrian Games. CLICK HERE.

New York Times article on reining, a new and unconventional competition at the World Equestrian Games. CLICK HERE.

The American Association of Equine Practitioners' website includes great tips for horse owners! Click here.

Award-winning journalist comments on BLM's brutal mustang policy, guided by the powers in Big Agriculture.

Project Coyote - non-profit dedicated to educating public on the coyote's place in the ecosystem and advocating on its behalf.

More than 70 horses saved in mass surrender in New York

Read this NY Times article on the BLM roundups

The Cloud Foundation blogs about the BLM's removal of Cloud and his herd.

NPR feature on Horse Air Transport

NPR feature on Mongolian Horse Races - Report on the centuries-long  tradition of an annual horse race in Mongolia. Make sure to scroll down to see the slide show!
This is a nice site for exploring educational opportunities.
Helpful site for horse-related research and happenings.

"My horses are my friends, not my slaves" - Dr. Reiner Klimke