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Damo was our first horse. My husband had previously hated horses. But Damo quickly changed everything. He was the big "dog" in the yard that nickered every time you came home, or walked outside, or talked to him. Damo carried adults and children of all ages with the same care and purposefulness. His favorite thing to do was go on trail rides; his favorite gait was the "mosey." He was happy being at the back of the pack and most kids enjoyed riding him because they were able to trot a lot, as they asked Damo to catch up with the others. The photo here shows Damo at his first Memorial Day parade this past May. He took it all in stride, as if he had done it a thousand times....even when the cannons were shot off. Damo was a goodwill ambassador for the equine. His kind eye and pleasant demeanor invited everyone, of all ages, to come say hi and give him a pat. He was patient and would stand for hours if someone wanted to just groom him. Damo was well loved and will be missed by many. Thank you, Damo, for being a part of our lives. Damien "Damo," a Belgian/Quarter Horse cross, was 20 years old when he died on October 12th, 2009 after suddenly becoming terminally ill.
"No horseman or horsewoman has ever finished learning" - Mary Gordon-Watson