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Macaroni Pony

This little guy came to use about 7 years ago in the back of a huge cattle trailer. A friend said we needed him. All the grandkids was little then. Well now he has had 7 Grandkids love him and let them do anything they wanted from moving their bike next to him so they could climb on to being purple sparkled all over to just being in the back yard eating with them sitting almost under him. He was only 38 inches tall but had a huge heart and was on his way to the next little person to make happy and she loved him from across the state. He did lead line and walk classes this fall and some showmanship. He was not pretty but they do not come any cuter. Poor boy just could not beat the founder and colic but he tried. We love you Macki forever!!! He now is resting next to the last oldie but goody that went to pony heaven
"No horseman or horsewoman has ever finished learning" - Mary Gordon-Watson