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Hippy was the type of horse that would give his heart to the right person. I was lucky enough to be his person. When I was 8, I got the chance to lease him and we bonded fast. Hippy and I did everything together. He was my best friend, first boyfriend, my racehorse, my jumper, and my show horse. I'm in college now and I remember telling him all about Vermont Tech when I was a seventh grader. I had dreams as big as the sky. Hippy also made me realize something about myself. When he developed chronic laminitis, I learned all about how to treat him. I realized at that moment when I was 12 that I was going to become a vet. Now I am a freshman in college and on my way. All thanks to a little Belgian/Morgan cross that inspired me. Thank you Hippy, for teaching me more than just how to ride.
"Nothing on four legs is quicker than a horse heading back to the barn" - Pamela C. Biddle/Joel E. Fishman