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Just five when he died, Sackett nonetheless had a huge impact on us. A mustang from Nevada, he joined our herd and asserted himself right away, gravitating to some of the girls, pissing off others. He and his buddy, Wallace the burro, were often seen mutually grooming and moving around the pasture together, sharing hay, etc. An impaction colic took his life. It was something that, once I recognized it, was too far advanced to solve. Perhaps the famous mustang stoicism meant he hid it for weeks, moving around under saddle without complaint and being his usual active, affectionate, and interested self. We're heartbroken at the loss but have tried to see the silver lining, making things better for our remaining horses by introducing routines that will protect them from sand colic. Thanks for your time, Sackett. We love you.
"No horseman or horsewoman has ever finished learning" - Mary Gordon-Watson