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Muck Boot Contest Winner

Published: 3/5/2015
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Thanks for all your votes. The Muck Boot contest wrapped up last week with Dianna B as our winner. The NickerNews fan, from Long Island, New York, had the most votes at our midnight deadline with 160 "likes" on facebook. See image at right.

  Congratulations, Dianna!

Here are images from our popular Muck Boot Contest

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Muck Boot Contest from Maddy Butcher Gray on Vimeo.

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3/5/2015 Barbara
I might be partial but I must say I love #4! Megas with his frozen lashes seems to make him a poster child for his Icelandic heritage and resilience to our worst winter ever.
3/5/2015 Margaret
I love D!
3/5/2015 Franny
3/5/2015 Virginia
6!! What a snow bank!
3/5/2015 Riitta
#4 frosty eye
3/5/2015 Stephanie
4 :)
3/5/2015 Marianne
3/6/2015 c moses
3/6/2015 Doris luther
I vote for 5!
3/7/2015 kathy
S takes my vote little fellah looks like he could use some boots -lots of great photos to look at

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