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A Trip to Crazy Town

Published: 6/20/2011
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Editor’s Note: We traveled to Windham recently to walk in the Summerfest Parade with the crew from the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals and friend Michelle Melaragno and her horses. It gave the pony, Peppermint, a chance to submit her first guest column.

By Peppermint
You could say I got roped into it.

She came to the barn all cheery that morning, so I knew something was up. I heard her talking into her phone, laughing and saying “there should be plenty of desensitization opportunities!
Before I knew it, I'm walking onto the trailer and leaving behind my home girls.
We bump along the road for 20 minutes and pick up my friends, Maggie and Zephyr. I know them from another event last year.  Click for jamboree article
We unload at a dairy farm which seems to be serving as a staging area for Crazy Town, USA.
Maddy is trying frantically to groom me, since Maggie and Zephyr look so much nicer. I don’t think we even own a bottle of Showsheen back at the barn.

Can I go back to the barn?

The clouds tell me it’s going to pour cats and dogs (yes, this is a horse expression, too.) any minute, but there we are lining up on the street with scads of humanity.
I move around trying to get a look at all the action.
Maddy says,
“you’re fine, Pep,” and asks me to stand still.
I can hear bagpipes, sirens, and fire engine horns down the street. A helicopter makes two passes, streaking fast above us.
Right ahead, there are dead, stuffed animals on a float. A two-legged moose walks by me. Yes, of course, I know there is a person inside. Humor me, please.

The parade begins and all the kids in our group start throwing candy at the spectators.
Really.  Peppermints.

Show me some love, kids. C’mon.
The irony is decidedly not sweet.

“You’re fine,” says Maddy, as I give up jostling for the dropped mints.
We move onto the main thoroughfare and the crowds intensify. Someone is speaking loudly on a, um, loudspeaker. Folks sit in chairs and clap. Little quick, screaming kids scamper for the candy. Their parents yell at them to get off the street and abruptly reach out to grab them.

Like I said, Crazy Town.

Just then, two low-flying ultralight aircrafts pass over head. They’re much quieter than the helicopters, but brighter and closer.

The whole affair is starting to wear on me. We’ve been walking for two miles at an excruciatingly slow pace: six steps, stop, six steps, stop.
C’mon folks, let’s pick it up, puh-leez! [Click here for my preferred pace]

Finally, we’re flagged into a festival area of sorts. Loud music lurches from booths and stages.
There are gangs of quick-moving kids and grown men with funny hats zipping around in go carts.
There are huge nets full of balloons blowing in the wind.
There are moon walks full of bouncing humans.

Crazy Town.

Maddy says, “You’re fine.”
Up ahead I spot our trailer. Yup, I’ll be fine soon!

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6/21/2011 Julie Kenney
ha ha it!!!! What us "crazy" horse owners do for the love of our horses :) I hope you guys got a lot of great publicity for the MSSPA during the parade.
6/27/2011 Meris
Dear Peppermint Patty, There is a whole herd of happy horses who didn't parade o/b/o the MSSPA and who are singing your praises, snickering in their stifles at your amusing account of Summerfest. Thanks for being so sensationally de-sensitized and such a good sport. P.S. Please tell Maddy that Show Sheen works really well on human hair, too. : )

"A horse doesn't care how much you know until he knows how much you care." - Pat Parelli