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Honoring Veterans, Horses Included

Published: 11/11/2013
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By Maddy Butcher Gray

Some days, it might be hard to connect the horses in our pasture with war horses. Those equines are the millions of horses, mules, and donkeys who served dutifully in man-made battles.

Last year, the Broadway show "War Horse" reminded me of how many and how much horses sacrificed during World War I. Read more about the incredible show at Lincoln Center.

This year, I settled for a YouTube video of Sergeant Reckless, a Mongolian race horse bought in Korea during the Korean War. Her story is worth five minutes of your time. Check it out.

As for horses in our pastures? Visit our Memorial Pages to view beautiful tributes to those close to home.

Happy Veterans Day.
Take a moment to visit our Memorial Page.

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11/11/2013 Julie
Horses have an amazing ability to adapt to their situations. My son regularly target practices with his shotgun, and sights in his rifle, near the horses, and while the horses are on alert, they are not afraid. That can in no way compare to war, but it does show how amazing these animals are at adjusting to their environment.
11/11/2013 Diana
I wish the American horses were acknowledged in the same way as Reckless. Unfortunately not. Please see the huffington post article displayed today titled " Forgotten War Heroes This Veteran's Day" for an up to date reality check.

"In the language of the range, to say that somebody is "as smart as a cutting horse" is to say that he is smarter than a Philadelphia lawyer,smarter than a steel trap, smarter than a coyote, smarter than a Harvard graduate - all combined. There just can't be anything smarter than a smart cutting horse. He can do everything but talk Meskin - and he understands that." - Joe M. Evans, A Corral Full of Stories