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Ancient Modality an alternative for healing horses

Published: 8/10/2011
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By Michele Lowry

Reiki is definitely an experience to be seen as each person or animal responds differently. My work focuses on animals (horses, dogs, cats) and I wish I had a camera to show you the visual amazement and verbal expressions that the owners share as they watch their animal not only respond to the Reiki session but guide the session.
Following a session I often receive emails stating: "I just came back from bringing horses in for the night and he acted positively 10 years younger! ", or "She was a more relaxed dog right from the time we left your office."

This work has become a passion of mine as I become a communicator between the animal and their owner. We unravel the unknown history which can explain behavior issues or unexplained physical injuries. We watch as an animal tells his/her story and immediately becomes settled and relaxed as the secret they have been carrying is released and they can begin to heal and move on with their new owners. Each animal has a story to tell or a situation they want to share, this has become the work that I offer.

When physical trauma is the concern, the use of Reiki, essential oils and gem stones all have incredible positive effects. These holistic options provide the tools for the body to heal itself without symptom control and often without the use of drugs. I love to watch these animals return for their second or third session and a whole new animal is walking through the door. This becomes more apparent with the horses (although they don't walk through my door!) because with their sheer size the changes are magnified. I have seen animals have hissy fits as the Reiki unleashes pent up anger, upset or trauma. I have watched as these energies are released and the animal settles, relaxes and takes a HUGE sigh.

Each experience is as important as the next. Very often the healing session for the animals is also affecting the owner as they feel the release and are so relieved that their animal is feeling better. Sometimes the animal and owner have shared similar experiences in their life and this is when I call the session a 2 for 1 deal as both are receiving a healing. Occasionally the animal will be there on false pretences as it is their owner who they feel would benefit from a Reiki session - the unknowing into the knowing is the fascination of this incredible modality.
I met my biggest teacher, a 5 year old horse named Echoe, in 1997. He continues to be an incredible rock in my life and teaches me something new every day that I spend with him. There is always humor in his teachings, whether we are riding together in the woods, or discussing life out in the field or in his stall while I am grooming him. This horse is a special being and through our communication together I have created a reality in my life that I could never have dreamed of.

Editor's note: Michele Lowry, Reiki Master/Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, has taught at the University of New Hampshire Animal Science Department and the Equine Science Department.  She was a speaker at the Northeast Horseman's Conference and Tradeshow and has written for Reiki Times. Click here for more info.

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8/12/2011 Kathleen Hagerty
We have had Michelle at our barn and she is wonderful. This is one of those experiences you have to see to believe.

"The ears never lie" - Don Burt