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Road Trip down Memory Lane

Published: 10/14/2009
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By Maddy B. Gray

If you don’t do it, it’ll never happen.
Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

But how many times have you said, ‘oh, I just gotta get away with my horses…’
And two years later, you still haven’t gotten away with your horses.
But darned if NickerNews isn’t on a roll!

Fresh off our successful weekend in Acadia (see article), my friend Kelly coordinated another short stint of freedom.
[Note to Reader: a get-up-and-go friend is a key element to making these things happen.]

This time, six of us convoyed to Andover, Maine and Memory Lane Vacations, hosted by owners Deb Cayer and Matt Bean.
The Appalachian Trail skirts Andover and Grafton Notch isn’t too far away. So you know the setting is quite scenic, right?
We settled the horses into their run-in stalls and brought our gear into the studio apartment.
No camping this time.
With the colder temperatures we were quite willing to come inside, turn up the thermostat, cook on a real stove, and take real showers!
We headed out to discover the trail system. (Maps are available with $5 donation to Ellis River Riders. The official trail system covers about 50 miles . Many of the trails are used by ATV riders and snowmobiles, but we had them all to ourselves.

For the most part, the trails were wide and well-maintained.
Most trail choices require riders to cross the Ellis River. Memory Lanes is located near two forks of the river. A simple six-mile ride will lead you through fields, mature forests, and some nice hilly terrain.

Apartment set up was perfect. There were enough beds for all of us, but given the open floor plan you might not want to book it with a heavy snorer!

Did I mention the hottub?
Nothin’ better after a ride than hottubbing under the full moon. We could see our horses munching hay and bedding down from the hottub deck.
Accomodations are $85 per night double occupancy with a $15 charge for each extra person. Stalls are $10 per night each.
For more information, check out Memory Lanes Vacations.

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10/14/2009 Sharon Higgins
Maddy, As you know Andwemet Farm riders were at Memory Lane Vacations for 3 days. You arrived on the day we were leaving. We could not have asked for a nicer, more relaxed weekend. The trails were absolutely beautiful. The accomodations great and the hosts wonderful. Our barn can't wait until we can go again. Keep checking my website for pictures and updates.
10/14/2009 Michelle
When do we start making plans for our next trip to Memory Lane Vacations? Maggie and I are ready NOW!!!
10/15/2009 cindy
It was soo cool to run into you up there Maddy! Our group as you know stayed in campers and the horses had electric fences. We had a blast and are planning a return stay very very soon! Deb and Matt run a great escape home for us horse people!
10/15/2009 cindy
The video is so well done! Thanks Maddy
10/15/2009 Deb & Matt
A Special THANK YOU to Maddy for this wonderful report and video on our little piece of Heaven. God Bless and Happy Trails wherever they lead you.

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