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An American explores timing, balance, and feel in Spain
Life as a Canter Pirouette
Amy Skinner continues her journey
Bombproof or Shut Down
What Dee Taught Me
What Dee Taught Me, Part Two
What Dee Taught Me, Part III
What the crooked, old woman taught me
Good Horsemanship in any day’s task
Linking Art & Tradition
Pushy Horse, Lazy Owner
Space and Respect
A Reflection on Reflections
Avoiding Flavor of the Week Syndrome
Amy Skinner visits with Buster McLaury
Bend the Horse to Ride Straight, Part I
Winterizing your Horse
The Value of a Finished Horse
Soft Feel - behind, in front, or with the bit
Bend a Horse to Ride Straight, Part II
The Well Rounded Horseman
Check this list before you take that first spring ride
Going on Gut, Rewarded by Growth
Are you a Horsewoman?
Checklist for Trainers and Clients
Understanding Contact, Part I
Contact Illustrated
What is Ground Tying? Really?
Feel and Release, Part I
Feel and Release, Part II
Bad Love. The problem and how to solve it.
Serpentines, new and improved
Serpentines, Part II
Toss the gear! First, achieve relaxation & balance
Learn Self Carriage
Amy Skinner describes "the rectangle" of self carriage.
When Horses Know the Answer. A visit with Warwick Schiller
Setting up for Success. When flying is like trailering.
Brent Graef, Young Horse Handling, Part I
Brent Graef, Young Horse Handling, Part II
Brent Graef, Young Horse Handling, Part III
Brent Graef, Young Horse Handling, Part IV
When Education gets in the way of Education
WiseAssWallace on Gear
Amy Skinner’s Ah-Helmet Moment
Amy Skinner interviews Jec Ballou
Amy Skinner interviews Jec Ballou, Part II
Amy Skinner on Micro-Managing versus Guiding
The Pitfalls of Training
For Happier, Healthier Horses, Drop those Rotten, Rutted Routines
Amy Skinner on Engaging the Core, Part I
Try this Exercise for Better Hands
"Speak kindly to your little horse, and soothe him when he wheezes, or he may turn his back on you, and kick you where he pleases" - Anonymous