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This is my soul horse, Fancy. She is sort of a problem child, but we have bonded very deeply. We have always had issues with cantering..nothing physical that was all checked out..she just really likes to go rodeo bucking sometimes and not always at the canter, sometimes at a stand still LOL I know people are wondering why I'd want a horse like that she is loaded with personality, talent, opinions and I have never met a horse I loved more..she's a lot like me in personality. to know her is to love her quirks and all. She's come a very, very long ways since I have owned her and so this year we started doing some serious canter work out on the trials and she has done just AWESOME, I'm so proud of her. She is finally growing up, but her personality will always be what it is and it's why I love her so much. A big part of the issue with the cantering for her is I have a tilted pelvis so am not square in the saddle, it's hard for a horse to learn to carry a straight rider and stay balanced at the canter let alone one like me..but she is really, really trying. She absolutely adores kids, the younger the better which I get a kick out of, I don't have any so it's not like she grew up around them, but I have never seen a horse so attracted to little kids as her. So here we are, me dressed as the great pumpkin a couple weeks ago practicing that canter and she was so darn good...

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"The ears never lie" - Don Burt