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Edie's-Rose LR

Edie is a 8 year old registered Hafliner mare. She was first born in PA at Levi Ranch. She was bought by a horse trader and some how found her way to Maine. Her new owner deemed her impossible to break. "she's retarted!" She had a cute little colt under her and I wanted her BADLY! So I bought her for $600.00 against my fathers wishes! She loaded very easily onto the trailer after the farmer had taken her colt away. It broke my heart to see him just take the colt like that. When we got her home my father unloaded her from the trailer she reared up, snorted, and bit him. She tried to run from us and dragged my father across the driveway. Eventually my brother and father fought her into the barn. She ate really well for such a stressful move! She screamed all night for her baby and I sat inside and cried. The next day she was perfectly fine, she changed over night. She went out to pasture great, and I walked her around and let her eat grass. Two weeks later I started doing some ground work with her on the lung line and she was hard to get her to do anything, she acted like she had never been touched. She kicked out at me and tried to run from me. I started to learn that this was an every other day thing for her one day she was great the next she was wild. So I did a ton of work with her just bonding in her stall and pasture. Then just one day she decided to like me! I started feeling pretty brave I had owned her for a month and was sick of her games. So I stuck a bridle on her and she was fine with it! Two weeks later I was riding her with just small issues of her being lazy. A week later she was walk/trot/canter on cue with no refusals. I was amazed and so was my family. This so called "retarded" horse was not so bad after all! She checked out awesome with the vet, perfectly healthy to continue training with her! She got better and better every time I rode her! Now its not even a year since breaking her, she rides english, western, and bare back. She is road safe, trail safe, kid safe, and loves being in parades! I am starting to do some endurance riding with her and just every time I ride her, I fall in love with her all over again!

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"The ears never lie" - Don Burt