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Steve Akeley

Steve Akeley, equine dentist, (207) 687-9888

- Graduate of the American School of Equine Dentistry in Purcellville, Virginia.

- Performing routine floats, extractions, wolf teeth ext ractions, and  performance floats.

Steve is well 
known as one who w ill work in a relaxed manner and never rush the process.

"If a horse needs an extra 10 minutes to get used to me, that's what we'll do," he says. "My whole approach is to have the horse as comfortable as possible."

He comes veterinarian-recommended and travels throughout the state.
Contact (207) 687-9888.

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"It is the hardest pill for all of us would-be horsemen to swallow, but it is absolutely true - if the horse is not responding properly, we are doing something wrong" - Mary Twelveponies