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Choose Next NickerNews Tag Line!

Published: 9/11/2012
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The other day, I bought a nice card for a friend. I grabbed a pen and opened up the card to scribble something clever, fun, tender, and meaningful in the few minutes before work.


Knew what I needed to say. Just couldn't find the words.
Put the card in my purse and went to work.

After work, I drove to the post office and sat in the parking lot, waiting for those perfect words to flow from my pen. Still, no luck.

Such is the threshold paralysis with developing and choosing the new NickerNews tagline. We're changing "Where Barn Banter Goes Global."

Can you think of a quick phrase that captures the essence of NickerNews?
What do you think of the ones below?

Leave a comment with your vote or suggestion. One winner chosen at random to win a tote bag.

Thanks a bunch!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Val Rich. She was randomly selected out of all the fine comments and received a free tote bag.

Thanks to all contributors!

For your consideration:

-- Catching Horse Moments --

-- Horses Made Personal --

-- Our Lives with Horses --

-- Our Journey with Horses --

-- Horses Well Said --

-- Horses Duly Noted --

-- Riding, Writing, Celebrating Horses --

-- Horses Cherished and Chronicled --

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9/11/2012 Mary
I vote for Horses Made Personal
9/11/2012 Jeff
Catching Some Horse Moments is the best listed here!
9/12/2012 Melissa
If it's not one thing I HERD, it's another..... Several more thoughts brewing. There's a good one in there...I can feel it! Just need a few days to simmer.....
9/12/2012 Cha Cha
Horse Life.Our Life.Nicker News. Where the circle can't be broken.
9/12/2012 Jane (UK)
Connecting Hoofbeats & Heartbeats from around the World...Sharing 'Tails, tall and small from Barn to Yarn !
9/12/2012 Judi Medlin
The Digital Pulse
9/12/2012 Kristen
I like Riding, Writing, and Celebrating Horses!
9/14/2012 Jeannine
Horses Considered
9/14/2012 Bobbi
9/14/2012 Sara
how about "The Barn Yarn, a global horse community"
9/14/2012 Kathie
Horse poor, friends galore, and lovin it!!
9/14/2012 Val Rich
Over the Fence
9/18/2012 Sally
Relax to Learn says it well
9/19/2012 Joanne
Horses...A Chosen Way Of Life!
9/24/2012 Paxton
Horses Cherished and Chronicled

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