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Young Producer Contributes Fun Video

Published: 11/9/2010
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By Maddy B. Gray

Maine is filled with creative people.
But finding them is a little like flipping over rocks in a tidepool. Their creative pursuits are hidden under day jobs.
That’s how I stumbled upon the videography talents of Teagan Wright.
Wright lobsters off Harpswell by day. In the evenings, he works a second job at Bart & Greg’s DVD Explosion in Brunswick. That’s where I rent videos. (Yes, I’m old school and I’m okay with that).
We were chatting one night and he mentioned the ads he produced for Bart and Greg. I checked them out. They were quite funny.

So Teagan, I said, I have this project I’ve been thinking about. I want it to be funny and fun. I need help. I can’t pay you, except maybe in beers. Wanna do it?

Shockingly, he agreed.
You’d never know it if you weren’t nosey (I prefer the term ‘inquisitive’), but Wright has production experience in Los Angeles and New York. He’s worked as production assistant and assistant editor on VH1 programs and the Simple Life with Paris Hilton.
He worked for the Riant Theater in New York and developed a promotional video for Long Acre Expeditions.

Back home, he cringes when he sees those tired, obnoxious, hokey ads for Maine businesses.
He’d like to “clean it up,” he said. “Whether on television or Internet, I’d like to give each business its unique style, make it interesting, and more creative.”
Can you imagine? Maine ads that don’t make us grind our teeth, shake our heads, or change the channel?
Click here for Charlie Chaplin-esque ad.
Click here for Casablanca-esque ad.

My idea was to tell a story, display good horsemanship in a quirky way, and stick with the NickerNews premise of fun and anti-snobbery.
Teagan listened and together we created the plot and dialogue for a five-minute skit.
If you’ve followed NickerNews video efforts so far, you know the definition of ‘amateur.’
Wright brought a certain professionalism to the task:
  • Camera angles.
  • Long shots.
  • Three-quarter shots.
  • Flow.
  • Dubbing.
We spent about eight hours planning ("pre-production" in industry terms) and filming. He used his Panasonic 3CCD video camera. It’s a hand-held, on-the-shoulder unit used by most reality show cameramen. Then Wright downloaded the footage to his Adobe Premier Pro software devoted another eight hours to editing the project.
I love it.
To contact Teagan, email him at

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11/10/2010 Meris
Maddy, delightful, hilarious, entertaining, and enviable! I totally love the video. NN it's my favorite horse read - and view!
11/10/2010 Tom
Great work -- great filming and nice, subtle horsemanship. Nice!
11/10/2010 Patricia
Isn't it amazing what you can find in the Maine tidepool? Good job, Teagan and Maddy!
11/10/2010 Mara Miles
loved it! Bet you had a blast doing it!
11/10/2010 Missy
What a fun thing to watch after a grueling day at the office. Thanks Maddy, Teagan and ponies!
11/12/2010 Sally
Very cute. I loved it!!
11/15/2010 Julie Kenney
Awesome video Maddy!!! Loved the hanging the clothes out by horseback portion :)
11/16/2010 Kathie Tuck
Too funny! Now that could be the next Versitile Horse Competition for sure. Wonderful horses and film!
11/17/2010 Sue D.
Charming, funny, clever. I shared it with a bunch of horse nuts and regular nuts that might be amused. Need all the smiles we can get in dark-tto-early November... Thanks!
11/18/2010 Mary Ellen
I bet that's pretty close to your "real life"! It was great to see you, if only on video as Sally!!!
7/22/2012 Jane
Hey, that's hilarious Maddy....loved it!...that would be MY idea of "livin' the dream"...when is the next instalment? :)

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