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Vendors of the Horsemen’s Re-Union

Published: 4/19/2012
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By Maddy Butcher

Anyone who’s ever manned a trade show booth knows it can be tedious, filled with hours of small talk, forced smiles, and intentional dehydration (to cut down on trips to the restroom).

But it can also be enlightening, community-making, profitable, and -- dare we say -- fun.

Such was the mixed scene from the vendor’s perspective at the first Horsemen’s Re-Union.

[Read more about the event.]

When the cowboys put away their horses, spectators flowed into the trade show building to check out the wide array of offerings.
There were high-end hats, bits, belt buckles, custom saddles, religion, and vacation spots.
Vendors included products from Jeremiah Watt, Les Vogt, and legendary Vaquero artist Ernest Morris.
J Parson, a singer-songwriter from Bakersfield, CA, entertained the crowd with music from his current CD, The Eyes of A Cowboy.

Mackenzie Carr, this year’s Miss Rodeo America, gave me a signed postcard. She was hanging out at the Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment booth and chatted about returning to Oregon State University for her engineering degree.

I especially liked talking with Ernest Morris. As a fifth generation California cattleman, Morris has accumulated lots of experiences and accolades and is wonderfully generous with sharing his stories. Plus, his art is cool.

Sally Donaldson made me a wonderful leather bracelet while at her Nana Bandanas Leatherworks booth. It’s one-of-a-kind and fits perfectly.

Walt Tharp stayed busy at his Porta-Grazer booth. Porta-Grazers let stabled or contained horses eat slowly, at a pasture-pace. It’s one of those nifty, durable products that makes a lot of sense. In the horse world, that’s saying a lot.

There were moments of downtime. When the cowboys were performing, trade show attendance slowed considerably. Rodney Allison makes b-e-a-utiful felt hats from beaver, beaver belly, and a mink and beaver blend. His North Valley Hat Company got some good traffic, but when it slowed he caught up on reading.

Greg Kudlac, staffing the Les Vogt booth, put on a Roping/Scooter demonstration for us.
Nicely done, Greg!

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