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Woods King: General, Horseman, Grandfather

Published: 11/2/2013
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By Maddy Butcher

Since writing the feature on my grandfather, Woods King, I’ve been lucky to hear from some far-flung, web-empowered connections.

Tom Devine, a retiree in Colorado, read the article and had this to add:

"I met many who served under your grandfather in WWII, they told me:

'He was a man's soldier.' They went on and on about what a great leader he was, how earned the respect of those who served under him. Tears would come down many of their cheeks. They said he was the greatest officer they’d ever served under. A man’s man."

Read article on a horseman remembered.

Another bit of history came to my desk, adding to his involvement with the Cleveland Mounted Police and Troop A of the 107th Ohio Cavalry:

In 1926, all the police horses fell ill right before Memorial Day, so King and his brother lent the department 22 horses from their own stables for the annual Cleveland parade, an effort that earned them special accolades from the city. Later, after King had commanded the 107th Calvary Regiment and served extensively in China (twice awared the Legion of Merit), the mounted unit stables would be named after King.

But the most exciting development came last month from a collector in Dillon, Montana. He had the holster issued to Woods King by the Army.
Made by Abercrombie & Fitch, the Army issued it to generals exclusively. Patton wore a similar rig to hold the standard issued .45 automatic pistol. It comes with a Sam Browne belt and shoulder strap.

It’ll be hard to fact-check, but I’m suspending my skepticism for the chance to tangibly connect with a grandfather I never knew. With Dillon within a day’s drive, I acquired the rig and the lore to go along with it.

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