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IMG_0049Ben Masters, the team leader of Unbranded, told me not a single horse suffered from sores or rubs during their incredible six-month, 3,000 mile journey.

He credited 5 Star Equine Products, the company that outfitted the crew with pads and cinches, with this success. Add up the men (four) and the mustangs (14) and you get more than 12,000 miles of testimony. Pretty impressive.

Though we haven’t crossed the country, we here at NickerNews and BestHorsePractices can also attest to the company’s durable, horse-approved cinches and pads.


For starters, they’re all wool. Read here why wool is the best thing to put between your saddle and your horse?

We’ve tried synthetic and even sewed lambswool shearling cinches on our horses over hundreds of miles of rough country and in every season. Those options either gall the horses or fall apart.

photo 1 copy5 Star products hold up outstandingly over the miles and years. I especially like the shorter, 30-inch pad for the pony, Pep, and her short back. My horses wear the cinches of neutral tone (natural greyish-white color), but 5 Star has wonderful Vaquero styles or buyers can design their own.

That 5 Star Cinches and Pads are made in America which makes buying them even more satisfying. Owner and president Terry Moore (in photo with his wife at right) runs the company out of their facilities in Hatfield, Arkansas.

Got a lot of ups and downs on your trails? Try the Y Cinch which many say are more comfortable and functional than the typical front and back cinch rig.

We’re now offering a chance at a $100 gift certificate for a 5 Star Equine cinch to all Remuda Readers. Check out this great opportunity!


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