Ah-Helmet Moment, Round Three

ah-helmet-300x235We’re nearing the midway point of our fabulous series of giveaways, sponsored by Troxel. Welcome to Round Three of the Ah-Helmet Moment Contest.

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The contest was spurred by the popular response from Dr. Steve Peters’ article on why he’s swapping his cowboy hat for a helmet. Read it here.

This month’s contest is for the Troxel Rebel Fleur De Lis, a new, fashionable addition to the extensive Troxel lineup. NickerNews and BestHorsePractices fans get a sneak peak at this new style as it’s not even on store shelves yet! The snappy helmet will be available next month for the first time. Check it out here.

280f0bd563673b914a5063af4f34ed4d22dc721b_500x560We’ve had entries from all over the country. Take a moment to tell us your Ah-Helmet moment, when you thought, “I need to protect my noggin!”

To toss your hat into the ring for a chance at a Troxel Rebel Fleur De Lis, send in a paragraph or two describing your Ah-Helmet moment (think ah-ha moment!) along with a picture. When and why did you make the conscious decision to wear a helmet every ride (or for most rides)? Contact us here.

For the third round, we’ll accept entries July 22-29. Enter by contacting us with a description of your ah-helmet moment, OR send us a message on our Facebook page. The entries will be posted on NickerNews blog by July 30. A week’s voting via blog comments will run through midnight August 6. The entrant with the most comments will receive a Troxel Rebel Fleur De Lis helmet!

Good luck!


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  1. My Ah-ha moment came when I was getting a 15 yr. old paint mare ready for a demonstration to children. I guess I went through the warm up too fast for her and just before I got on, I saw my helmet and put it on just in case. Well “just in case” turned in to “so glad I did that”. She bucked with no indication and I landed hard. Could have been much worse than the bruised back and slight concussion. I didn’t hit my head just jarred it from landing on my butt. No one was there to help me up so I got up and “moved her feet” as best I could. First time getting bucked off at 50. Never again and I will always wear my helmet. Oh, mare is for sale, cheap!! 😉

  2. when I was helping my horse Tonto with some stretches, nose touches to hind hoof, and a neighbours builders dropped their scaffold poles from the top of the house, just across the field. It made a hellova noise, Tonto jumped, ran over me, I had footprints on the back of my jacket, taken a hoof to the head, I had been rolled over by his feet and didn’t have a mark on me! No helmet on! whoops! My Ah! ha! moment…..

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