Amanda’s Ah-Helmet Moment

ah-helmet-300x235To vote for Amanda, leave a comment below. She’s from Lincoln, Nebraska.

Amanda writes:

My Ah-Ha Helmet moment remains crystal clear for me.  (Probably because I was WEARING a helmet)

I was on a beautiful trail ride on my beautiful horse on a beautiful fall morning.  Riding with a friend who ALWAYS wore her helmet caused me wear mine as well.  Lucky for me!

Our horses spooked, bolted and both ran away with us.  My ride didn’t last long, as my horse catapulted me into a lamp post in the park. My friend’s horse carried her far down the trail.

Thanks to my helmet, my head was clear enough to call 911 and get help.  And thank goodness I WAS able to get help on the way immediately. Turns out I had 9 broken ribs, 2 broken vertebrae, my arm was broken in two places, both lungs were

Recovering in hospital

Recovering in hospital

punctured, my intestines, spleen, pancreas and liver were torn.  And most shocking of all, my aorta.  All this damage, yet my brain was completely fine.

Thanks to my helmet-wearing-friend, AND my helmet, I am again riding through that park and enjoying all its beauty.  I shudder to even imagine what kind of mess I would be, had I not be wearing it.

Now, I NEVER ride without it.  Every ride, every time.  Even in the arena.  Because you never know what can happen.  And hopefully, I can influence others in my barn.

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  1. I remember reading a mutual friend’s FB post that her friend Amand had been critically injured in a horseback riding accident. I messaged her and asked if it was THE Amanda that I knew. Unfortunately, it was. She was touch and go for a while and it was a VERY long recovery. I am very thankful she was wearing a helmet and is back riding.

  2. Amanda is a good friend & we used to board our horses together. There were several touch & go moments before we knew if we would still have her amoung us. Unfortunately it took Amanda’s accident to get me to start wearing a helmet. To award Amanda with your helmet is to award a voice, a strong encourager, to wear a helmet & an incredible inspiration in her continuing to ride, to thoroughly enjoy it, & share it with the rest of us. -Heather Petersen

  3. Given the damage done to Amanda’s body, it truly is amazing that she didn’t also suffer from a head injury. I’m certain that had she not been wearing a helmet, there would have been a traumatic brain injury and the Amanda we know and love would be forever changed. This accident reinforces the need for helmets when riding. I don’t ride a horse but I do ride a bike, and always with a helmet. So happy Amanda will now ALWAYS wear a helmet – she knows all too well how important it is.

  4. Amanda is probably the strongest most incredible woman I know! I remember visiting her in the hospital and even from her bed with tubes and wires everywhere she was on the phone orchestrating care for others. Her brain and spirit were the only things not crushed or broken after the accident, thanks to her helmet!

  5. What courage and strength to make it through such a long recovery, and still continue her interaction with and love of horses! So glad that she wore her helmet! Her story is inspirational and testament to the importance of wearing a helmet.

  6. I don’t get to know Amanda until after this accident, but I am so glad she had her brain bucket on! She is funny and brilliant and I am glad that was preserved.

  7. I’ve known Amanda for over 15 years… I would’ve lost a dear friend if she wasn’t wearing a helmet on that fateful day. Hope she wins another!!

  8. Amanda Deer is the best candidate to win the helmet! Not only has she been in love with horses and horseback riding for over 40 years, she is still completely horse friendly even after she almost died when one got spooked and threw her. Before she collapsed with the above mentioned head injury, she made sure the horse was ok. She and I had Breyer horses, and almost every day in the summer of 1974 to 1977 “played horses while we ate taco flavored doritos, drank Dr. Pepper, and listened to The Cars. But I digress, she is a horse lover through and through! SHE deserves this helmet at a minimum. I endorse her 100%!!!!!!

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