Another gift idea for 2015

Maine’s Kim Stone spent several summers working at the Alvord Ranch in eastern Oregon and learning from Idaho horseman Martin Black. Read more here. Now she’s brought her horses and talents back to her home state where she raises a young equine addition (at right) alongside two new grandchildren.

But did you know she’s also an excellent photographer?

This year, she teamed with the Black camp to produce an exquisite 2015 calendar to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Black’s Y6 family ranch in Bruneau, Idaho.

The process had Stone sorting through seven years of possibilities with an eye toward bringing fans a diverse and inspiring collection. Shown here are February and July shots.

February for NNBlack is known to be reserved with his compliments, but he remarked: “All I can say is ‘amazing.’ Kim has done an amazing job and put together an amazing piece of work.”

Congratulations, Kim!

Check it out here.

Al Dube Quarter Horse will host Kim Stone. Read about the facility here.

July for NN

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