Big City, Bright Eyes

Just spent a week away from the farm. Had a great time.
I rode the train, enjoyed museums, and ate in restaurants just fine. But all along, there was a thread of unease.
big cityI realized there’s something holistically different in us horse folks. A certain pulse flows in our veins. It comes from that beloved daily grind and that intuitive connection we develop and use to stay in touch with those animals relying on us.

Ours is not a commuter world.

We have skills honed by hunches and observation, not intellect and protocol. Decisions are often based on that thing called feel.

Our ‘business relationships’ are with nature, weather, and animals.

Not surprisingly, feel doesn’t transfer well to Big City environments. Big City does everything it can to eliminate the need for feel.

I returned home and things were fine. The horses looked at me like I’d just gone to town on an errand. A week-long errand. No big deal.

Do I want to go back to the Big City tomorrow?
No, thanks.

brightlightsLet me sink my fingers into their wooly coats. Let me get stinky from paddock chores and numb with sub-zero outings. I’ll take blinking eyes over flashing lights any day.

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