Cayuse Collaborative Clinics

This year, four women (Maddy Butcher, Amy Skinner, Jec Ballou, and Katrin Silva) have been working hard to put forward a new clinic paradigm.

Are you seeking an alternative to the guru-following model that dominates the horse industry?

We offer Cayuse Collaborative Clinics: three talented clinicians working together to bring you the best learning experience. Our second clinic will be held at the Shelby County Fairgrounds in Shelbyville, Kentucky, October 29-30.

Limited to 20 students. Auditors welcome.

Registration details:

Pay $565 here (includes $15 PayPal fee)


Send check for $550 payable to Cayuse Communications, PO Box 71, Mancos, CO  81328

Amy Skinner, Katrin Silva, and Jec Ballou help you make serious gains in your riding and horsemanship skills. Cayuse Collaborative Clinics offer a supportive environment of productive challenges and major goal achievement without stress for you or your horse.

Watch clips from Day One at the Cayuse Collaborative Clinic in Santa Fe. 

Watch clips from Day Two at the Cayuse Collaborative Clinic in Santa Fe.

Collaborative teaching delivers an incalculable value:

  • Students get tons of personal attention
  • Lessons are explained in a variety of ways to ensure all riders understand concepts and movements
  • Each clinician brings different areas of expertise, making this event a holistic growth experience for every horse and rider
  • Get-to-know each other sessions and time to discuss expectations and goals before each day.
  • Debriefing and consultation after each day.

What: Cayuse Collaborative Clinic with Amy Skinner, Jec Ballou, and Katrin Silva with value added features.

Where: Shelby County Fairgrounds, Shelbyville, KY

When: October 29-30, 2022

Cost: $550 ($565 via PayPal) for two full days of multiple sessions, with each clinician taking lead and supportive roles. Topics  include horsemanship, foundational work, exercises for horse fitness, “real world” dressage, obstacles and outdoor challenges. An immersive weekend with lots of time, including break times, to share ideas, questions, reflections, and feed back. Meals, lodging, and horse accommodations NOT included.

Registration details:

Pay $565 here (includes $15 PayPal fee), to reserve your spot.


Send check for $550 payable to Cayuse Communications, PO Box 71, Mancos, CO  81328

Limited to 20 students. Auditors welcome, $30 per day or $50 for weekend.

Refund policy: 50 percent refunds made if canceling before August 10, 2022. After August 10, 2022, no refunds made.

Additional details:

If you are interested in staying in an RV, please head to the Shelby County fairgrounds website.

We will be adding more valuable features to the clinic. Stay tuned.

Horse boarding:

Registration DOES NOT include horse or human accommodations. Fairgrounds stalls are $50 for the weekend. If you need a stall, please contact us here.

Horse health requirements: A negative Coggins test is required, as is a Health Certificate within 30 days if traveling from out of state.

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    • The Cayuse Collaborative Clinic in NC will be at Amy Skinner’s place in Rougemont. Hope to see you there! Date to be determined in early 2022.

    • The Cayuse Collaborative Clinic in NC will be at Amy Skinner’s place in Rougemont. Hope to see you there! Date to be determined.

  1. To me, this sounds Ike a long-awaited experience providing the “laser-focused” one–on-one instruction most of us seek. Tailor-made for the individual by clinicians who know how to do this! “Best” practices put into action. Perfect.

  2. Where will the California clinic be located? Will there also be no horse boarding facilities at that clinic? Thanks

    • Hi Ann! The California clinic will be in Santa Cruz and the North Carolina clinic will be in Rougemont.
      In Santa Fe, boarding can be arranged with Hipico. The cost is $45 for one night and includes two bags of shavings. Additional nights are $25 per night. We will post more info about horse accommodations soon.

      • I do see the February clinic in Santa Fe.
        I was just wondering (hoping) you might be considering another in the spring or summer at Santa Fe.
        This sounds like a Fabulous Clinic and I would love to participate but sadly I cannot in February.

        I do hope they all are very successful so you all will continue them.


  3. I’d like to audit the Santa Fe weekend. Is registration for auditing still not required? If not, what time do the days start?

    • Thanks for your interest, Jenn. We will start at approximately 9 and go til 5 each day. See you there! On Sunday morning, there is a complimentary lecture at 8.

  4. Ok, am I understanding right?…If I want to stop in and audit part of the SF clinic I would just come by and pay the fee when I get there? I spoke with Katrin about the clinic and it sounds really interesting. Doug is my former vet and he is awesome! Thanks.

    • Hi Kelly, there is no sign up for auditing. Just show up and we’ll take care of it! Looking forward to seeing you there!

    • Hi Daniela and thanks for your message. We will be posting dates and locations as we organize them. Next year, we plan on five in the west (likely California, New Mexico, Washington, Colorado) and one in the east. The best way to be updated is by subscribing to our newsletters. You can do so by filling in the pop up when you visit any Cayuse Communications website. Stay tuned!

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