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The horse world just got a little less confusing and overwhelming thanks to a new website developed by Jim Thomas, his daughter, Emily Luciano, and Steve Bell of Eclectic Horseman.
The Horseman’s Calendar, a new online listing service which went live last week, was the outcome of one sleepless night around

Jim Thomas

Jim Thomas

Christmas last year, said Thomas.

“It was the middle of the night and I was thinking, ‘why in the world do we not have a resource to visit, instead of searching through 97 different websites? It’s just a killer,’” said Thomas, a successful clinician and owner of Bar T Horsemanship, from Pittsboro, North Carolina.

And, so, the project was born.
Here’s the beauty of the Horseman’s Calendar: You can search by key word, by region, by clinician, by type of horsemanship. Or, you can browse and explore. As it grows, everything from trail rides to clinics to fun shows will be listed.

“We hope to open up the horse world and give riders a cornucopia of opportunities,” said Thomas.
For web developer, Steve Bell, the Horseman’s Calendar presented myriad challenges. Behind the smooth-running façade, there were plenty of complicated features and technological hurdles to overcome.
The result, however, is a seamless, smooth-running, and logical site that’s pleasant to navigate and fun to browse.
horse cal“I think the site could become a destination site for the horse world. I don’t think there’s another site for horse people to search out not only clinics, but to find local info on farms and barns, even coffee or steak houses if there are travelers to a given region during an annual event,” said Bell. “So, I think it could build into something bigger than what Jim & Emily originally envisioned if they stick with it and think big.”
Added Luciano, “the beauty is that the Horseman’s Calendar will be collaborative,” said Luciano. “After we’re solidly underway, Horseman’s Calendar users will be able to review clinicians, barns, etc. This will absolutely help folks decide on their equine activities.”

Got a listing to advertise?
Until the end of the year, the Horseman’s Calendar is offering free listing for any events taking place through April, 2016. Click here for more information.

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