When I was in eighth grade, I bought myself a 2 year old appendix quarter horse to train for my senior project. Training was going well and one day I decided to take him out on a little ride. I hollered to my parents that I was going to get my horse out and guess they didn’t hear me cause they left. Wilson was a lanky horse and was growing like a weed. He matured to over 18 ah-helmethands.

Got him saddled up and got on him and started to go forward. He got tripped up and ended up between the barn and a car I fell off on the side of the barn and he literally sat in my lap. After yelling for him to get off me I tried to move and I couldn’t. In all I broke my hip, front of my pelvis, tail bone, and some other bone. After 8 hours of surgery I was lucky to be alive because little did anyone know the one broken bone was an inch away from slicing open my bladder which would have poisoned me.

After surgery the surgeon was explaining what they did in the surgery which I thought he was like speaking some other language with all the medical terms. When he was finished he asked me if I had any questions I said yes when can I ride horses again? He looked at me and said a horse almost killed you and you want to still ride them. Yep, can never give them up. My helmet saved me that day from a worse injury and I faithfully wear one every ride. My last helmet got broken when a horse kicked me in the face another reason I will always wear a helmet and looking to get a bigger,one as the one I have now is kinda tight on my head.

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  1. Good luck with the contest! Glad you didn’t have a head injury to go with the other injuries and praying that you are fully recovered for riding again.

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