Clydesdales Saved

cdrhhcdhrHats off to the many individuals and organizations involved in the successful move of five Clydesdales from their Maine farm to Connecticut after their owner died unexpectedly.

Michelle Melaragno (an instructor for Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue) and the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals teamed with the Connecticut Draft Horse Rescue to relocate the horses from the Morris Farm in Wiscasset after Alan James McQueen died.

Writes the MSSPA: “We are very thankful to have been an important link in the chain of resources to help get these five Clydesdale Mares from their home in Maine to the Connecticut Draft Horse-Rescue. After their loving owner passed away unexpectedly, a friend of his family contacted the MSSPA for help. Through our wide network of resources, CDHR was identified as being an excellent opportunity for the mares to get the care and training they need to prepare them for carefully approved adoptive homes. We wish the Clyde girls well and we’ll be looking forward to updates. We also extend our condolences to the folks at Alan Dee Dairy and the family and friends of Alan MacQueen. Thank you to everyone who helped put all the links of the chain together to secure a safe future for these beautiful horses!”


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