Congratulations to Amy Skinner

Josie Temple Skinner

This just in: Amy Skinner and her husband, Travis, welcomed a healthy, baby girl to the world. Meet Josie Temple Skinner, born August 2. Yeehaw!

Skinner wanted to honor Dr. Temple Grandin and recognize the influence Grandin has had on her horsemanship and teaching, thus the middle name. Grandin and Skinner both presented at last year’s Best Horse Practices Summit. Grandin said in an email that she was honored with the naming.

And this from Skinner: “Welcome to the world, Josie Temple Skinner! We have been blessed with a perfect baby girl on August 2 at eight pounds, six ounces, and 21 inches. We are totally in love and enjoying our little family life.”

The couple headed to their North Carolina hospital last Thursday evening where Skinner was induced, owing to Travis’ pending deployment next week with the National Guard. The delivery lasted through the night and through the following morning.

The passionate and dedicated horsewoman did manage to squeeze in a last, pre-mom ride with her beloved horse, Dee, with her dog, Pearl, coming along, too.

Amy rode throughout her pregnancy without issue. She worked carefully and stayed active, as this New York Times article supports the benefits for mom and baby of staying active during pregnancy. Read here.

Farewell to pregnancy ride!

It’s been a busy year for Amy. Also on August 2, review copies of her upcoming book, “To Catch a Horse: Finding the Heart of your Horsemanship,” were sent to reviewers. Pre-order the book here.

In October, Amy will bring Josie to the Best Horse Practices Summit, where Skinner will present at the Pineland Farms Equestrian Center with Katrin Silva. Don’t worry! Skinner’s mom will be there to lend a hand.

Congratulations, Amy! Welcome to motherhood. Wishing you and your family health and happiness for many years to come.



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