Dressage for All of Us is Here!

After months of writing, editing, proof reading, and photo selections, Katrin Silva‘s “Dressage for All of Us” is here!

The slim, well-written volume is an easy-to-read guide on how to help any horse become a happier, more responsive riding partner. It is the second book in the new Cayuse Communications library. View the library and bundle your book order here.

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Rave reviews are already coming in.

As Bill Woods, the renowned instructor and author of “Dressage Unscrambled” wrote in the foreword:

…Most dressage books back then were dense and incredibly stuffy. I’d have been in heaven with a book like Katrin’s to quell my fears, untangle my misconceptions, and guide my learning.

This book covers so many things! You could find all these answers elsewhere—somewhere—but rarely so concisely explained and all in one place. The topics she presents—not just the “how to’s” but the whys—puzzle just about everyone encountering dressage for the first time.

So, here’s my advice: Don’t start by pouring over the text word by word and page by page. Breeze through it the first time and get the lay of the dressage land. Expect over time to re-read it many times. Phrases and concepts, to say

Silva teaches in and around Santa Fe, NM

nothing of the exercises she suggests, will mean more and more to you as your growing experience prepares you for them.

And more from review copy readers;

An absolute “must read” for riders of all disciplines.
Katrin’s approach gives the new-to-dressage rider
hope and encouragement and reminds us more experienced ones
to be kind and considerate to our four-legged dance partners.
Her style is kind , clear and easy to understand.

Ulla Hudson, German FN Trainer A

What a fun read! I think for anyone new to horses, or considering what discipline to undertake, this engaging little book offers a friendly, helpful, clear and guiding voice. It will be an especially pertinent addition to the bookshelf of any rider who has gotten pretty far along any horsemanship journey WITHOUT dressage.

Jec Ballou

Jec Ballou, Jec Ballou Classical Training

A perfect read for those intimidated by or bored with dressage.  Simple, detailed explanations take out the snobbery and leave in all the benefits. Katrin paves the way for you and your horse to become better partners and athletes.

Riding through the training scale becomes easy because of her straightforward approach and logical order of exercises. She proves that anyone can enjoy the benefits of dressage anywhere, with or without the top hat and tail coat.

Amy Skinner, Amy Skinner Horsemanship

I’ve found Katrin’s book wonderfully inspiring and helpful. I greatly appreciate her casual tone, as if she’s talking to me, and the helpful analogies she uses. I’ve put to good use all of her advice

Katrin Silva

Sarah Lavender Smith

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View the Cayuse Communications library and bundle your book order here.


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