Fireworks & Farms

Efforts to rein in the use of fireworks in Maine are moving forward in Augusta.
Four fireworks bills have been scheduled for Public Hearing on March 11 at 10:00 am with the Criminal Justice Committee. They Fireworkswill be heard sometime after 10am on the fourth floor of the State House.
Small Business advocate, Peggy Schaffer writes:

“If you cannot make the hearing, testimony can be presented in writing – though a real person testifying would be better.  If you are going to turn in written testimony, committees require 25 copies.  
The best testimony I have seen is based on short, impactful stories.  Talk about the impact of fireworks on your business and animals, but try to be brief.  
Also you do not need to read what you are turning in as testimony – so what you turn in can be longer than what you say.  I have found that the committee is more interested in you telling your story, than reading it while you are telling it. “

Read about Senator Johnson’s bill to establish reasonable restrictions on fireworks, including set back for farms.  His bill includes a set back for farms:

Read about Rep. Dickerson’s bill to create a mile set back from farms.

Read about Rep. LaPlante’s bill to require a local permit for fireworks

Read about Rep. Crockett’s bill to change the time fireworks are allowed.

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