Science of Learning Presentation is FREE

Sharon Madere will visit Dolores, Colorado, to offer a free presentation on “The Science of Learning and How it Applies to Horses.”

Madere, a certified behavioral consultant, is well known for her positive, practical, science-based approach to resolving behavioral problems for horse owners, on the ground or under saddle.

Check out her presentation on 3:30 pm, Sunday, September 2 at “The Ranch,” 13347 Rd 27.6, Cortez, Colorado

During the afternoon presentation, she will discuss:

  • How to strengthen your relationship with your horse
  • Learn about equine ethology and physiology
  • Learn strategies for overcoming difficulties and solving common problems quickly, without fear, force or pain
  • Learn insights for improving higher-level riding performance

Madere writes:

I take a positive, practical, science-based approach to resolving behavior problems, on the ground or under saddle, from phobias to aggression, and everything in between.

My methods and techniques include functional behavioral analysis, ethological evaluation of management details, counter-conditioning, systematic desensitization, positive reinforcement training with a sound-marker (dog owners may be familiar with similar “clicker-training”), etc.   Just as importantly, I help the owner to understand how to maintain the improved behaviors and avoid recurrence of problems.

Complimentary BBQ to follow the presentation. RSVP required for BBQ.

For more information, email [email protected] or text (480) 225-2522

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