Fringe Leggings, Tested and Approved

They came in a plain white cardboard box marked with international postage. The mail lady had left it unceremoniously on the floor of the garage.

DSC05261But it was a Special Delivery nonetheless, containing my first pair of custom-made leggings.

Six weeks prior, I had taken many precise measurements and corresponded back and forth via email with Kathy Threlfall, the owner of Fringe Custom Chaps in British Columbia, Canada.

Read more about Fringe here.

In short order, Threlfall had completed the project and sent along the prized pair:
A belted, butter-colored pair of armitas with long fringe and delicate, chestnut tooling.

Of course, the success is in the comfort and fit; I put them to the test right away.

(I’d been wearing a borrowed pair of step-in armitas. They were ok, but they made my pants ride up. Also, they were cut for a man and as such, the waist and thigh were a bit big.)

These new leggings fit so well, I nearly forgot I had them on. Threlfall’s practice is to make a fresh pattern for every order and that precision paid off in my comfort.
— No pants riding up over the boots.
— No gaps at the waist or thigh.
mecate loopI particularly like the handy “mecate loop” or “third-rein loop” and the complimentary Jeremiah Watt buckle. (see photo).

Thanks, Kathy! Now, I’ll be well-outfitted for the trails.

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