Have Bottle, Will Ride

liberty— Maybe it’s habit from all those road trips with three hungry, thirsty sons.
— Maybe it goes with my Stop-and-Smell-Roses mentality.
Drinks and snacks are essential components for any NickerNews trail ride.
‘Drinks’ means water from a bottle.

But which bottle?

Plastic bottles with screw tops won’t do.

  • They come unscrewed.
  • And the screw threads on your lips will have you dribbling down your chin.

Water tastes good in glass bottles. But who wants broken glass in the saddle bag?

Enter Liberty Bottles.

Liberty Bottleworks is a young company from Yakima, Washington, just east of the Snoqualmie National Forest. They know the outdoors and they know outdoor folks.

They know sustainability, too. Their bottles are made from recycled aluminum. Oh, and they’re BPA-free.

But the best things about Liberty Bottles?

The non-screw top.

  • Doesn’t come unscrewed. (One quarter-turn and a ‘click’ will secure the top.)
  • liberty2Doesn’t cause chin dribbles.

Liberty even has horsey bottles. Check them out.

Thankfully, they’re relatively indestructible and come in different sizes. The 24-ounce version (in photos) carries enough for a ride of several hours and fits nicely in saddle bags. All of them fit well in truck cup holders – another requirement here.

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    • Hi Carol,
      Simply click on whatever bottle you’d like on Liberty’s site. It’s added to your cart and you’ll proceed from there. Have fun shopping!

    • Looks like you’re correct. They must have discontinued the horsey ones. Booo! Hope you can find something you like!

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