Help for Hayburners

Come winter, horse owners can get in a jam – with no viable pasture, too little hay, and not enough money to buy more. Finding a new home for your beloved horse, for whatever reason, isn’t an option.
hay delivIf you’re struggling, there’s help. It’s often just a matter of finding the resources, searching the Internet, or networking amongst fellow horse owners.
First Light Farm Equine Shelter in Perry, Maine recently introduced an Emergency Feed Fund, developed to help horse owners get through tough periods.
FLFES Managing Director Andrea Barstow writes:
Requests can come through the Maine Animal Welfare Program, from a concerned friend, or directly from the individual in need. We only ask that the need be verified by an AWP staff member, a vet, farrier, or other trustworthy source. One request per family or farm.

The program is just a few weeks old and already two requests have been made and hay delivered to their farms.

Barstow continues:

flf_bannerThe purpose here is to help someone through a rough spot.  We will offer up to 10 bales of hay and up to two bags of grain (or shavings or combination) funding up to $75 per request. We hope to be able to fill one or two requests per month, hopefully more if we can get more donations toward our fund.

Check out their site or attend their fundraiser at the New Friendly Restaurant in February. Visit our Events page for listing.

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