Hi. I’m Calling about Your Horse.

IMG_6462Most writers are readers. While writing is their occupation, reading is one of their passions.

I’m no exception.

When contests surface, I get excited at the prospect of entering but also of reading all the other submissions. Such is the case with National Public Radio’s Three-Minute Fiction. It’s free. Thousands enter. The winner gets his or her essay published in the Paris Review, a literary magazine of high repute.

There are monthly renditions with rule variations but always with the fixed 600-word limit.

A while back, I entered. For the March, 2010 version, the story had to have these words in it: plant, trick, fly, button. Read the story.

This week, the contest prompt is “Leave a Message after the Beep.” In other words, the story must be in the form of a voice message.
My added challenge, of course, is leaving a horsey voice mail.

Give it a try!

All submissions will be posted on NickerNews!

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