Horse Shot Dead

horse shotI woke up to this report in the local papers:
Just a few miles from my home, Ryan Grafft, 31, was driving around in his truck Sunday afternoon, shooting at things with his rifle. He came upon four horses and decided to shoot them.
He fired 20 shots, killing one and injuring two.
He reportedly was unable to tell investigators why he shot the horses but did state that it was a stupid thing to do, according to complaints.
Johnson County Sheriff Lonny Pulkrabek said it’s the only case of random violence resulting in the death of a horse that he’s encountered.
Reporter Mark Carlson, of the Cedar Rapids television station KCRG, attributed the killing to “a growing culture of violence resulting in an act of stupidity.”
HorseShooterThe horses’ caretaker Todd Zach said, “Was he watching too many video games or just wanted to kill somebody’s pets? I don’t know.”
Grafft faces charges of shooting a rifle over the highway; reckless use of a firearm with property damage, an aggravated misdemeanor; manner of conveyance; second-degree criminal mischief, a felony; and injury to animals, an aggravated misdemeanor.

PHOTOS, courtesy of KCRG-TV, above of Todd Zach and friends, at right of Ryan Grafft.
horse dead

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  1. Being stupid is a forgivable offense. Even if you are supposed to be an adult at age 31. He said he didnt know why he did it. Im sure he lacks insight into much of anything in his life. But there is no excuse for such cruelty it is uncivilized, inhuman and inhumane.
    I dont use the word uncivilized in a high brow way. Civilization is just a slow process of learning to be kind in the world.. Lately I am shocked in hearing of people that have some vital piece missing that makes them capable of such acts.

  2. This is just what all those viedo games are doing to our childrens minds, I am so worried about my grandson all he thinks of is guns -unsure how much common sence there kids have any more -taking children to day care and msising the love of there parents I do beleave takes a part Too – A cold world ! GOD bless America the way life used to be.

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