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The timing for the Trailer Depot’s recent article on trailer safety and servicing couldn’t have been better.

  • Trips are around the corner.
  • Trailer’s been sittin’ for a few months.
  • It’s nesting season.

nestI found this robin nest on top of my gooseneck trailer’s spare tire. Thankfully, Mama Robin hadn’t laid any eggs yet. It’s a shame she’ll have to start over, but at least I won’t have to face the prospect of displacing baby robins three weeks from now. Or worse, driving off with them.

Idle trailers are GREAT targets for potential nest-builders. They offer shelter and have any number of great starter foundations for fine, sturdy, weather-and-predator safe homes.
Save yourself the heartbreak and hazard of nesters. Give your trailers regular clean sweeps before you start using it.

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