Introducing the American Horsewoman’s Challenge

For centuries, horsewomen have worked in the shadows. Even when their talents equal or surpass their male counterparts, it can be a struggle to receive the attention they so rightly deserve. But one event is looking to let them shine.

hwc-logo-sponsorThe inaugural American’s Horsewoman’s Challenge celebrates women trainers from the United States and Canada by giving them six months to work with a green horse and then showcase their partnership and accomplishments at a fall finale in Oklahoma City.

Competitors include Marian Weisskopff, Mary Miller-Jordan, and many more.

There will be liberty, cowboy dressage, and extreme trail competitions. And shopping, of course!

NickerNews and BestHorsePractices have signed on as Media Sponsors.

Stay tuned for more news, including updates on how the competitors are faring with their horses.


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  1. The word horsewomen misused again! The word is horseman…….not horsewoman. A HORSEMAN does not designate gender…..just like the word horse….no gender. The word “man” in horseman just means mankind or human. Maybe it’s just me but I only want to be known as a horseman even though I’m completely woman.

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