Joy Rides Workshop is Perfect for Summiteers

Trish Lemke, a talented horsewoman, life coach, and owner of Joy Rides, has developed a small, intimate Durango workshop especially for Summit attendees.

“Be the Human your Horse Wants You to Be” is a day-long workshop perfectly timed on Sunday, October 7, before the Summit Welcome Reception and offers a wonderful compliment to Summit presentations. Read more here.

Lemke writes:

Do you want to be the best human for your horse?

Do you want to bring your relationship to the next level?
You read articles and watch training videos. You buy the best food, supplements and supplies. You take riding lessons and send your horses to trainers. You have the vet and farrier keep them in good physical health and you make sure that they have the best daily care possible. Your tack bucket is filled with liniments, ointments, fly sprays, shampoos, conditioners, all different kinds of brushes for all different places, wraps, horse treats – you name it, it’s in there.

You want the best for your horses.

While everything you do for your horse is important, understanding YOURSELF is key to enhancing the relationship with your equine partners. That’s why it’s so important to bring the best YOU into the relationship. Whenever you go out to your horses, you may bring a different energy, different emotions, different intentions and a different mental state than you had the last time you interacted.

In this one-day workshop, you will see how you can develop a whole new level of connection and awareness with your horses by understanding some basic things about yourself, your energy, intentions and attitudes. This hand’s-on, interactive workshop will combine and connect:

  • Research with Intuition
  • Mind with Body
  • Things we think with things we feel
  • Heart with head

Focus Themes:

  • Working with your intention, attention and attitude
  • Scientific research about nervous system regulation, why we can think more clearly after spending time at the barn, and how we can use this tool to build better equine partnerships
  • The role of oxytocin, “the tend and befriend” hormone and why we feel so good when we let ourselves just be with our horses
  • How you can align our head, heart and gut to develop increased communication skills with your horses
  • Accessing your inner wisdom and guidance in enhancing your relationship and well-being of your horses

Workshop Details:

Cost: $175 per person, Early bird pricing until July 1st, $150 per person
Date: Sunday before the Summit Welcome Reception, October 7th
Time: 9:00-3:00
Location: Morning Star Ranch, Durango ~ approximately 20 minutes from downtown. Exact directions will be given upon registration and carpooling options will be available.
Participants: 4 minimum, 12 maximum

Read more here.

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